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Re: Rocky MMXXII: "Proof of Life"

From: Stewart Jay Milberger
Subject: Re: Rocky MMXXII: "Proof of Life"
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2022 19:15:48 +0000
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[Crossfade from R. Function falling asleep in his chair, to circa 1930 in MIT's athletic facilities...rediculously older than the characters' time period.]

Scene: A physical giant of a man in the push-up position on the edge of the running track.  On his back stands a slightly smaller man. The smaller man, Dr. T. Recursion, has a TOPS-20 terminal strapped to his body, hands at the keyboard.  Power and data cables extend from his back to the entrance to the althetic field, patched by a number of adapters and extension cords.

The push-up repetition count, regularly output, appears on the terminal--perhaps generated by a Scheme program.

"101 ... 102 ... How did I generate these numbers?", Dr. T says as R. synchronously does push-ups.

"Recursion, sir!", grunts R.

"Damn right.", says Dr. T.

[A montage of other training scenes is possible, alluding the the idea that Dr. T is R.'s physical and intellectual trainer.]

Scene: The giant man R. Function is running up stairs with Dr. T at his side.

"CADDR?", Dr. T demands.

"CADDR -- cah dah dah der -- car of the cudder of the cudder.", R. says, struggling to keep up with Dr. T.

-- SICP Reboot, Julia Edition

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