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Duplicate file in the FTP area

From: Lassi Kortela
Subject: Duplicate file in the FTP area
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2022 15:36:17 +0300
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I downloaded the entire MIT Scheme release backlog from GNU using:

wget --mirror --no-host-directories --no-parent --cut-dirs 3

The Unix tool `fdupes` says that the following two files are duplicates:


The grep-like tool Silver Searcher (aka `ag`) finds the following:

$ ag 'mit-scheme-9.1.*-i386-win32.exe'
9.1/md5sums.txt:5:d95ae11d6b25337d4af8554af4600d63 mit-scheme-9.1-i386-win32.exe

In other words:

* There is an entry for mit-scheme-9.1-i386-win32.exe in 9.1/md5sums.txt.

* But there is no corresponding entry for mit-scheme-9.1.1-i386-win32.exe in 9.1.1/md5sums.txt.

Based on the above, I assume that mit-scheme-9.1-i386-win32.exe is intended to be in the file archive whereas mit-scheme-9.1.1-i386-win32.exe is there by mistake.

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