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Possible new object architecture for Scheme [was: Retraction...]

From: Stewart Milberger
Subject: Possible new object architecture for Scheme [was: Retraction...]
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 19:58:25 +0000
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Plus, I remembered the Allman Brothers, "Eat a peach."

The real point here is that I think ECS could be adapted from the C/C++ game community as a cache friendly way of doing OO (without doing traditional OO).  Think Scheme "uniform vectors".

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Subject: Re: ECS link
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2022 15:32:51 +0000
From: Stewart J. Milberger <>
To: Lassi Kortela <>

My attempt to understand the meaning of Sander Mertens avatar on Github

messageNotUnderstood :)

Sander Mertens' avatar is Darth Vader maniacally pouring water from the ocean into a water pitcher, to filter it, somewhat puzzlingly.  My message on MIT Scheme was related to the old MIT OCW Courseware 6.001 (the new one is in Python, blech) picture where man was devolving, until ultimately reaching being a caveman in front of a terminal.

My understanding is that it is similar to the "peaches meme" in American folk music, where even eating peaches from a PETE jar injecting plasticizers into one's bloodstream can improve brain health.  The note I found on the fridge was a joke I tried to play my spouse about a tree squirrel that lives next to our house, who has a better diet and more solidly constructed house than ours, who we affectionately call "Sneaky Pete".  She was skeptical that Pete the Squirrel, not PETE the container, put the note their.

Ultimately, ECS seems like a way to save energy and improve things.  Sorry if this is a bit dense of a topic.  I'm really just glad we touched base on all the other important things in ECS.  I don't want to throw away CLOS or SOS just yet, though.

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