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Re: m/monit 1.0.1

From: Andreas Rust
Subject: Re: m/monit 1.0.1
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 17:50:03 +0200

Meanwhile (at the same location) :),

Aha, m/monit has rudimentary support for IPv6, this combined with Linux rudimentary support for v6 (at least on old Linuxes) may generate problems. I'll look more into the m/monit code and see if something needs to be done there. If (in the meantime) you care to try and run m/monit on a IPv4 stack it should probably work much better.

I tested m/monit a little and upgraded my installations.
On the m/monit status page I get fine results now and even the nice messages with "6 out of 7 services working" and such.

Great piece of software !

I assume that the status page for a single service will someday output the same details as the interfaces on the monitored
server aswell ?

One thing which bugged me are the large fonts and excessive borders being used though. :) I reduced the fontsizes on the css and turned down the 100px margins on status/monit.csp to allow easier reading.
For the rest I am satisfied a lot now :)


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