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RE: [monit] monit , monitor a procces without a pid file

From: Cryer,Phil
Subject: RE: [monit] monit , monitor a procces without a pid file
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 10:18:42 -0600

>Have a questions: monit can monitor a process without a pid file , but
have a pid number?
>So let say have some process called test.
>If give the command ps auxww | egrep test and the result is root 4435
0.0 0.1 2332 148 ? 
>Ss 06:33 0:00 test the pid is 4435, how can I put somenthing like that
in monit conf file 
>to check that program  test is working.It si possible to create a
virtual pid file as result 
>ps command? I have let say the stop and start commands....

Here's a simple way to do it, in the beginning of your startup script,
define the PIDFILE, and then dump the PID from the output of the PS
command into it: /var/run 

        export PIDFILE=/var/run/
        ps -fe | grep test | head -n1 | cut -d" " -f 6 > $PIDFILE

Then, on exit, you'll want a line removing $PIDFILE

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