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Re: [monit] Linking monit to lm-sensors

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: [monit] Linking monit to lm-sensors
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 21:20:03 +0100
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Currently there is no native support for reading sensors, but it could be added in the future (via IPMI or something similar).

Currently you can use the hint described in monit FAQ (question no. 13 - example for monitoring Solaris Volume Manager devices by Pavel Urban):

We also plan to add native support for external scripts in the future:


Patrick Zaloum wrote:
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience linking monit to lm-sensors readouts to monitor for excessively high temperatures, low fan speeds, etc. or if anyone would have an idea how to go about it. Essentially, running 'sensors' provides a readout of your current state as shown below, how could it be watched by monit?

    # sensors
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Vcore:     +1.27 V  (min =  +1.15 V, max =  +1.50 V)
    +12V:     +11.46 V  (min = +11.40 V, max = +12.62 V)
    +3.3V:     +3.22 V  (min =  +3.14 V, max =  +3.47 V)
    +5V:       +5.25 V  (min =  +4.66 V, max =  +5.35 V)
    CPU Fan:   1811 RPM  (min =  600 RPM, div = 32)
    MB Temp:     +32°C  (high =   +50°C, hyst =   +45°C)
    CPU Temp:  +31.0°C  (high = +60.0°C, hyst = +50.0°C)
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Core 0:      +26°C  (high =   +85°C)
    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Core 1:      +29°C  (high =   +85°C)


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