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Re: {Disarmed} Re: [monit] Is this possible?

From: Dimitri Yioulos
Subject: Re: {Disarmed} Re: [monit] Is this possible?
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 15:52:35 -0400
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On Thursday 31 July 2008 3:17 pm, Scott Silva wrote:
> on 7-31-2008 12:05 PM Tomich,John spake the following:
> > If I understand log correctly, monit detected PID file change, but did
> > not attempt to execute, yes?  I'm afraid you'll have to seek
> > further guidance elsewhere, I'm stumped.  Also, must leave office on
> > business trip, and will be out of touch for a few days.  Good luck!
> Does the restart script have absolute paths to everything?
> Monit passes a very sparse environment to scripts it runs.

Hi, Scott.

That was it!  I changed

#! /bin/bash
mysql test1 < restart.sql


#! /bin/bash
mysql test1 < /root/restart.sql

And, voila. 

Arrrgh, I should know better.  Thanks so much to you, John, and Pierrick for 
your help.

Now to test that it works if I restart the OS.

BTW, I know your name from the MS list.  Small virtual world :-) .  You may 
remember my name from some of the dumb mistakes I post about there.  Anyway, 
again thanks.


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