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alerting and "for XY cycles"

From: Bernd Wurst
Subject: alerting and "for XY cycles"
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 10:54:19 +0200
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I use monit on an external host to monitor some core features of out servers 
and give customers a notification when something fails.

I planned to get the following result:
When a test fails, my status website shows a "warning" sign. When a test fails 
for multiple times (depending on service, e.g. 3 times) subsequently, I want 
to get notified via email/sms and customers should see an "error" sign.

To achieve this, I wrote a simple web interface that parses the monit web 
interface and shows status icons accordingly. But I did not get the info "test 
failed once" out of monit. When I configured Monit to alert after 3 cycles, 
the status is still "up with all services" until all 3 cycles failed.
I want to get an email/sms only when the service is down for a reasonable time 
but "up with all services" should only be displayed when the service is really 
up and working.

Is such a setup possible with monit? How should alerting be configured to have 
this work? Would be great if I could get around configuring everything twice.


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