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Alerr for non-existing directory not working

From: Thorsten Kampe
Subject: Alerr for non-existing directory not working
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 13:02:38 +0100
User-agent: MicroPlanet-Gravity/3.0.4

Monit 5.2.3


I want to be alerted when a directory (which is mounted via autofs and 
smb/mount.cifs) does not exist anymore (meaning the smb mount is not 
accessible for whatever reason).

The line in monitrc is

check directory remote-tkampe
      path /mnt/smb/tkampe/data

Because there could be multiple reasons (on the remote side, on the 
local side) I don't want to define any action (except alert, of course).

According to the documentation, this should be enough:
"[...] If the directory does not exist or disappeared, Monit will call 
the entry's start method if defined [...] If [...] the start methods is 
not defined, Monit will just send alerts on errors."

I stopped the server service on the remote host (stopping autofs daemon 
would be the same) and get...

# file /mnt/smb/tkampe/data
/mnt/smb/tkampe/data: ERROR: cannot open `/mnt/smb/tkampe/data' (No such 
file or directory)

...but no email is sent...!

The "Monit Service Manager" > Directory Status web page shows
Name    remote-tkampe
Path    /mnt/smb/tkampe/data
Status  Does not exist
Monitoring mode active
Monitoring status       monitored
Existence       If doesn't exist 1 times within 1 cycle(s) then restart else 
if succeeded 1 times within 1 cycle(s) then alert

It looks like the documentation and the "Existence" entry contradict 
each other (bug?). Obviously I want "If doesn't exist [...] then alert 
else if succeeded [...] then alert".

How can I achieve to be alerted when the directory does not exist/is not 


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