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Resource limit matched; Redis monitoring; suggestion

From: Matthew Braun
Subject: Resource limit matched; Redis monitoring; suggestion
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 09:57:43 -0600


Monit version: 5.3.2
M/Monit version: 2.4-linux-x64

I'm very new to using monit and m/monit as we're trying it out so apologies if these are basic questions, but I've searched and I can't find answers in the wiki or elsewhere!

1) I keep getting resource limit messages (which is fine and I intend to use that to further tune my systems), but then the system is shown on the dashboard as having all services offline. Selecting the affected system from within the Status page I see that the System service is set to "Resource Limit Matched" and in red. I select the service and attempt to start it, but seemingly nothing changes. Why is it stopping in the first place?

2) I'd like to monitor and graph Redis performance at the store level (rather than the overall process level). So given a Redis instance with X stores, I'd like to monitor each store, it's number of keys, and the individual store memory usage (generating the appropriate graphs and alerts along the way). What should I look to in order to build this?

3) Minor UI suggestion for M/Monit: some of the navigation tabs (Dashboard, Status, Report, Admin) have dropdown elements but these elements are no longer accessible on the tab that has focus. (I'm using Chrome on OS X, FWIW).

Many thanks for any and all suggestions or assistance!

Matthew Braun

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