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failed http check

From: Mike Zupan
Subject: failed http check
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 11:38:12 -0800

I have the following

check process app_thin_8101 with pidfile
    start = "/etc/init.d/thin start 8101"
    stop = "/etc/init.d/thin stop 8101"
    if totalmem > 500.0 MB for 3 cycles then restart
    if failed host port 8101 protocol http for 3 cycles then restart
    if 9 restarts within 9 cycles then timeout

The issue is it keeps restarting that thin process. I can curl just fine. The issue might be / is a 404 in our app. Is
there a way to tell monit a 404 is ok or have it hit a url?

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