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[Nano-devel] patch updates/feedback

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] patch updates/feedback
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 21:30:41 -0800 (PST)

Changes (aside from nanomiscbugs3, nanomiscbugs2, nanomiscbugs2str, and
nanopara's being sync'ed with CVS):


* added the multibuffer fix from earlier

* added a tweak to make sure that error messages that pop up while
opening a file are displayed while in multibuffer mode

* still adding fixes from DB's patch; for now, the tweaks to the
function calls dealing with color updates (still testing these; they
seem to work in my preliminary testing)

* added some cosmetic fixes to the code

* added some minor fixes to the new search code (removal of the static
definition of past_editbuff left in search.c, minor fix to let ^P and ^N
be used at the search prompt in addition to the up and down arrow keys,
removal of a few leftover bits originally from the .nano_history section
of the original patch, display the Up shortcut in the help browser

There are two issues that I've run into with the new search code, and
which I haven't yet had time to look into:

** with --enable-tiny, the "Enter line number:" and "File Name to
Write:" prompts are just ":"

** the search strings are no longer preserved after typing one and using
a search toggle (M-C, M-B, M-R)


* removed the capability to set punct and closepunct at the command
line; now they can only be set in the nanorc

* documented the punct and closepunct options, which meant that the
entire nanorc format had to be documented in the manpage (all of it is
now except for color syntax highlighting, due to its complexity; for
now, the manpage refers you to nanorc.sample in that case); note also
that the manpage has not been updated to include --preserve yet

* added a few minor fixes to nano.texi (the nanorc format isn't
documented in it yet because it needs its own section and I haven't yet
figured out how to properly add one)

* updated nanorc.sample to add defaults for punct and closepunct and
merge in minor comment fixes and clarifications from DB's patch (one of
which is a fix for the "purple" -> "magenta" problem Marco reported


* since it changes all strcasecmp() calls to nstricmp() calls, and
nanomiscbugs2a.patch adds a few, resulting in breakage; thus, for now,
this is generated on top of nanomiscbugs2a.patch

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