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Re: even smaller than morespace plus nohelp

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: even smaller than morespace plus nohelp
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2020 14:48:17 +0200
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Op 06-08-2020 om 17:38 schreef
> My bottom bar has all the status information regarding position that I
> need.

You mean with --constantshow?  But... isn't that far too much information?
Personally I never use --constantshow because the information that I
sometimes want (the current column) is too hard to find among the twelve
fields that are shown.  Which of those fields do you really always want
to have displayed?  For me it would be line number and column number,
nothing more -- no totals, no percentages.

> I would love if it could also display what is in the current cell
> under the cursor. This I always want to see. (With this information I
> won't need a scrollbar, so I'll have that turned off...)

So you want some kind of percentage?  To avoid needing the indicator?

> The top bar has the filename(s), and that is nice, but only when I need
> to see it. I would love for it to be toggleable, or be displayed during
> a key press. That way more important information (the file's content)
> can be seen.

I don't see the need to make it togglable, as the filename would be in
the alternative status bar, something like this:


The underscores would be spaces, the double star would be shown when the
buffer is modified, "111,22" would be line and column number (taking as
much space as they need), and IMHRS would be state flags for auto-indent,
Mark, Hard-wrapping, Recording macro, and Softwrapping.  I've chosen this
order because Mark and Recording macro are normally set for a short time,
while the other three are normally on for a longer duration.

This bar would be at the bottom of the screen, would have the colors that
the title bar normally has, and would be overwritten by the status bar
whenever needed.  Would this be something you would want to use?  Peter,
Tomas, S├ębastien, anyone else?


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