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Re: even smaller than morespace plus nohelp

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: even smaller than morespace plus nohelp
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2020 09:37:06 +0200
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[Please stop sending me email directly.  I am subscribed to the list,
there is no need to send me a copy.  What's worse, the redundant copy
makes your email get classified as spam.]

Op 13-08-2020 om 16:36 schreef pepa65:
> I would not want to miss total length of the current line, and the guide
> doesn't provide that.

How come you want to know the total width of the current line at all
times?  What is the use case?

> ^S to get to the total number of lines is a neat
> trick, but I might not always want to save...

Then you can press M-D instead.

> Is your concern lack of space or information that you don't want?

Partly it is information I don't want.  Partly it is information that
can be accessed with a single keystroke (<End> or ^C).  But mostly it
is the lack of self evidence.  When nano just shows "number comma number",
any user will figure out, after moving the cursor around a bit, what those
two numbers mean, there is no need to explain it.  But when a third number
is added... it will take a while before the user has figured out that it
shows the total width of the current line.

Plus, when a third number is there, it becomes harder to quickly see in
what column I am by glancing at the status bar -- too much information
makes the thing you want harder to find.

> Maybe you can make that bar user configurable, so each user can choose
> what information is desirable..?

Configurable!?  Nano would need to acquire an entire language to allow
the user to specify what should be shown in the status bar and where?
That would be an enormous extension of nano.  Please, be reasonable in
what you suggest.


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