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Re: questions about the Previous-Sequence

From: Philipp
Subject: Re: questions about the Previous-Sequence
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 13:44:19 +0100

[2020-03-22 21:13] Conrad Hughes <address@hidden>
> One of the things I use it for is "unseeing" a message.  Let's say I see
> someone has emailed me, I'm about to go out, want to take a peek at the
> message but don't want to mark it as seen — or alternatively I look at a
> message, think "gosh that's gonna take a lot of work to deal with" so
> want to mark it as unseen again, so I come back to it.  My
> unseen-sequence is "un", and my previous-sequence is "ditto", so I have
> this alias to "unsee" whatever I just looked at:
>   mark -sequence un -add ditto

I have following in my profile:

marku: -sequence u -add -nozero

So if I want to unsee a mail I have just read, I just type marku. This
only works if I read only one mail at the time or reuse the sequence/pick.


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