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Install bug?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Install bug?
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 20:45:44 -0500 (CDT)

On  4-May-1998, Chuck Robey <address@hidden> wrote:

| I am trying to get octave 2.0.12 set up for a FreeBSD package, and I
| have to have a complete list of the installed files (so as to create a
| packing list for the binary package, and handle de-installing).  Because
| of this, I've been perusing the output of a 'make install', and have
| found a section I find a little strange.  I'm not using octave-bug to
| mail this in (I don't have the octave working yet), so I'm including the
| octave-bug script from the new build, and also a listing of the install
| part (I named that "iout").
| Look near line 166 of that listing, you'll see a section that does
| things with a bunch of *.cc files (search for balance.cc, it's the first
| in the section of those I'm talking about).  You'll see *something* is
| intended, but none of these files actually get installed at all.  I
| think you did intend these guys get installed, so I thought I'd mention
| that.

I think the following section of src/Makefile is what you are
referring to:

        if [ -n "$(OCT_FILES)" ]; then \
          $(top_srcdir)/mkinstalldirs $(octfiledir) ; \
          xfiles="$(OCT_FILES)" ; \
          for f in $$xfiles ; do \
            $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) $$f $(octfiledir)/$$f; \
          done ; \
          $(srcdir)/mk-oct-links \
            $(octfiledir) $(addprefix $(srcdir)/, $(DLD_SRC)) ; \
.PHONY: install-oct

You configured without --enable-lite-kernel, so $(OCT_FILES) is empty
and nothing happens for this target.  The intent of the code here is
not to install the $(DLD_SRC) files (the list of .cc files that you
mention, including balance.cc, etc.), but to look at them and see if
any of them define more than one function, and if so, create some
extra links.  For example, time.cc defines time, gmtime, localtime,
mktime, and strftime.  Since the source file is called time.cc,
compiling it creates time.oct, but for Octave to find gmtime (for
example), we need to have a file called gmtime.oct too.


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