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RE: new delaunay

From: Julian A. de Marchi, Ph.D.
Subject: RE: new delaunay
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 18:11:45 -0400

: That's a pity that some useful functions, contributed with the GNU
: philosophy in mind, would be lost by lack of adequate support, so I
: think that this initiative should be centralized and advertised through
: Octave home page. Even if redirected for other site.
: Joao

I agree completely, and I think that site could be octave.sourceforge.net.
It appears that this site is in limbo, but would be appropriate for ongoing
development of non-Octave but compatbile components, and certainly with the
idea that time-proven etc. contributions might, over time, be incorporated
into the Octave distribution itself.

SourceForge is ideal because it promotes the GNU philosophy, and supports
networked development via CVS and mailing list facilities, free of charge.
I'm still getting things into full gear with matlinks.net, and in a month or
so will probably be prepared to start translating all those matlab toolboxes
into octave.  I believe those translations would be appropriate for
octave.sourceforge.net when they are not yet ready for inclusion with Octave
proper.  I hope we can collectively "revive" activity at
octave.sourceforge.net with this prupose in mind.  Paul and John have both
expressed interest in this idea, but it seems to be a matter of someone
taking responsibility for that site and "re-activating" it.

Great idea, in any case.  If there's anything you'd suggest I can do to help
at matlinks.net, I'm completely open to such suggestions!


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