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Benchmark test of Octave on Windows.

From: Ole Jacob Hagen
Subject: Benchmark test of Octave on Windows.
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 13:01:29 +0100
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I have managed to link Octave with ATLAS on Windows.
Octave is compiled with MinGW, and atlas is built with Cygwin.


Ole J.

Here is the results from my benchmark test on an AMD xp 2400 +, with 512 MB RAM where Octave is linked with ATLAS.

octave-2.1.64:4> Octave2;
  Octave Benchmark 2
Number of times each test is run__________________________: 3

  I. Matrix calculation
Creation, transp., deformation of a 1500x1500 matrix (sec): 1.09
800x800 normal distributed random matrix ^1000______ (sec): 1.535
Sorting of 2,000,000 random values__________________ (sec): 1.248
700x700 cross-product matrix (b = a' * a)___________ (sec): 0.2926
Linear regression over a 600x600 matrix (c = a \ b') (sec): 0.1902
               Trimmed geom. mean (2 extremes eliminated): 0.7357

  II. Matrix functions
FFT over 800,000 random values______________________ (sec): 0.9784
Eigenvalues of a 320x320 random matrix______________ (sec): 0.5838
Determinant of a 650x650 random matrix______________ (sec): 0.222
Cholesky decomposition of a 900x900 matrix__________ (sec): 0.2012
Inverse of a 400x400 random matrix__________________ (sec): 0.1375
               Trimmed geom. mean (2 extremes eliminated): 0.2965

  III. Programmation
750,000 Fibonacci numbers calculation (vector calc)_ (sec): 3.719
Creation of a 2250x2250 Hilbert matrix (matrix calc) (sec): 0.8166
Grand common divisors of 70,000 pairs (recursion)___ (sec): 0.5446
Creation of a 220x220 Toeplitz matrix (loops)_______ (sec): 1.464
Escoufier's method on a 37x37 matrix (mixed)________ (sec): 2.366
               Trimmed geom. mean (2 extremes eliminated): 1.414

Total time for all 15 tests_________________________ (sec): 15.39
Overall mean (sum of I, II and III trimmed means/3)_ (sec): 0.6757
                     --- End of test ---

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