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Re: Reprise: external pager quitting kills standard error

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Reprise: external pager quitting kills standard error
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 14:36:21 -0500

On 10-Feb-2005, Dmitri A. Sergatskov <address@hidden> wrote:

| I recompiled octave on solaris with gcc-3.4.3 (the one that I have on
| FC3 systems) and I still do not see problem on solaris.
| I cannot trigger it on 2xPPro 200 MHz (RH9, gcc-3.2.2-5) nor on
| SparcII/Solaris8 (440 MHz) with either gcc-3.3.3 or gcc-3.4.3.
| It triggers easily on Celeron laptop (1000MHz) (FC3 gcc-3.4.2),
| more often then not on 2xAthlonMP 2000MHz and seldom on
| AtlonXP 1666 MHz (last two - FC3 with gcc 3.4.3-17).

OK, so this seems like it must be a race condition.  My guess now is
that the signal arrives when some output is already happening and then
we print to std::cerr and that screws up the stream state so that
subsequent output to std::cerr is dropped.  It seems like the solution
to this problem is to handle these signals the way we now handle
interrupts, by setting a global flag and then dealing with the event
when it is safe (i.e., with OCTAVE_QUIT).


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