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Re: handle graphics

From: Brian Blais
Subject: Re: handle graphics
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:32:08 -0400
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John W. Eaton wrote:
Is anyone actively working on implementing handle graphics for Octave?

I've been thinking about this recently.  My first thought was to
create a structure array to describe the figure windows.

Although I haven't worked on it for graphics, I did make a quick handle-based GUI implementation, using FLTK as a backend. You can see it at http://web.bryant.edu/~bblais/octave/

I used a structure array, and the handle passed is the index into that structure array. All of the handle manipulation is in the m-files.

 It seems that Matlab graphics handles are some kind
of pointer value encoded in a double object.  Using only the scripting
language, how can we use something like that to lookup the location in
a complex structure array?

I think that the matlab handle is something like:


so you can get both the figure number and object number from some simple math. if you count all objects (including figures) as equal, then you don't need a double value.

                        Brian Blais



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