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Re: Octave projects

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Octave projects
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 16:48:22 +0200
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Ivana Varekova wrote:

I'm interesting in algebraic systems, math (especially algebra) and
programming (I'm informatic) and I'd like to start to contribute to
octave package (if it is possible).
I want to ask you if there is any up to date list of "free" octava
projects or feature requests from which I can choose some project, which
I can solve. I found two documents http://www.octave.org/projects.html
This one is very out of date.. An updated version is in the CVS at


Before starting any project in this list, I'd suggest contacting address@hidden with your intentions, as there has generally already been some thinking, and even example code, or a good reason not to proceed for all of them...

and http://wiki.octave.org/wiki.pl?MostWanted  - but I'm not sure
whether these pages are not out of date.
Again be careful with this list, some of them have been implemented (eg -e flag or example or typed compiler), and many don't make any sense as explained in the wiki itself.. I'd be more inclined to start from the PROJECT file above.

My math specialization is algebra so I'm especially interested in
algebraic projects - linear algebra, linear programming, matrices, graph
algorithms, ... or mathematical analysis projects.

Want to implement the sparse graph theory stuff. That is etreeplot, treeplot, gplot and treelayout. I couldn't be bothered with these functions when implementing the sparse stuff, so if someone else doesn't implement them, they won't be implemented :-)


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