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Re: Octave projects

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Octave projects
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 15:47:26 +0200
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Ivana Varekova wrote:

Want to implement the sparse graph theory stuff. That is etreeplot, treeplot, gplot and treelayout. I couldn't be bothered with these functions when implementing the sparse stuff, so if someone else doesn't implement them, they won't be implemented :-)

I think sparse graph theory is quite nice topic and it should be fine
work, so if there is not any problem I would choose it. Are there any
information, advices or suggestions I should know before I start to
implement these procedures? (I can't find any other part of the graph theory in octave. Is there any
other graph theory stuff?)

The only things implemented are etree and symbfact and symbfact was only committed to the CVS this week, so is very much bleeding edge. You should probably therefore be using the CVS version of octave to do this.

My typical way of attacking such a problem is to read the documentation of the competition very carefully at


and in this case in particular the function summaries and adjacency graph stuff. I don't read the matlab source code and I also don't read the documentation when writing the equivalent documentation for octave due to issues of contamination of the octave with non GPL code. However, it is useful to have matlab available if possible to test the code and things that aren't well explained in their documentation.

Not knowing much about graph theory myself (hey I'm an engineer not a mathematician), I'd say that implicitly graph theory is another way of considering the structure of sparse matrices as adjacency graphs, and so implicitly there is a strong link between the two. Therefore, I don't expect there is any graph theory stuff for octave. You might be able to find some stuff at


that might be freely used, and is probably mostly compatible with octave.. Note if it is it be included in octave it will need to be conformant with the octave coding style. So even if the code you find runs it will need to be converted. See examples of other scripts in octave and how they are written, including particularly the texinfo help string.


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