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Re: Bug with pkg if only a single file is installed

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Re: Bug with pkg if only a single file is installed
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 08:36:26 -0500
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Thomas Weber wrote:
Am Freitag, den 15.09.2006, 09:54 +0200 schrieb David Bateman:

But please note that we might end up generating this dependency lines by
hand. Other people must be able to rebuild our packages, so we don't
fiddle with the dependencies at build time (by build time I mean the
build on the autobuilders).
Thats fine by me, but having the dependencies for at least one
distribution in octave-forge means that future packagers just have to
figure out what is the equivalent dependency for their OS, rather than
have to chase them down by trying to build the code themselves, with the
chance that they might have the dependencies already installed and so
not realize that a dependency is need causing some future person much pain.

This shouldn't happen. Maintainers are expected to build their packages
in a clean (chroot) environment.

This is true for Fedora too. Furthermore, the spec files for all Fedora packages are maintained in CVS, so while an automatically generated spec file is a helpful starting point, I would likely use it only once when a package is first created, and then never again.

Then the question is which is the privileged platform that will have
their packages built correctly automatically.

Throw a dice :)

Or let users send money, the highest bidding wins.

If you're going to make automatically generated SRPMs, maybe you should generate them for a distribution that doesn't provide them, like Mandriva or SuSE. I have enough experience with RPM packaging that you don't need to worry too much about making my life easier by making Fedora the default.


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