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Re: Errors with glpk on a Mac G5

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Errors with glpk on a Mac G5
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 16:47:13 -0400

On 16-Sep-2006, Joe Koski wrote:

| When I more the header files, they look OK, and the permissions look OK to
| me. When I checked config.log, it had found glpk.h without problems. When I
| did a find in /usr on the headers, only one copy of glpk.h and glplpx.h
| appeared. I thought that we might have a freak coincidence of two headers
| with the same name.
| I resisted the temptation to place the missing glpk header files in
| octave-2.9.8/src, where they could be more easily found. I then dug out Paul
| Kienzle's old e-mail advice about building the sparse library from August 1,
| and did
| Joe-Koskis-Computer:/Tools/octave-2.9.8 jakoski$ export
| CPATH=/usr/local/include
| Joe-Koskis-Computer:/Tools/octave-2.9.8 jakoski$ export
| LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib
| Joe-Koskis-Computer:/Tools/octave-2.9.8 jakoski$ export LDFLAGS=-lcamd
| Joe-Koskis-Computer:/Tools/octave-2.9.8 jakoski$ export LIBS="-lSystem
| -lSystemStubs"
| Joe-Koskis-Computer:/Tools/octave-2.9.8 jakoski$ ./configure F77=g95
| and tried another make. The build again stopped at the same "was not
| declared" errors, indicating that the header is still missing.
| So ./configure seems to find everything, but make is having problems, even
| though the headers appear to be in place with the correct permissions.

Does that result in a #define HAVE_GLPK_H 1 line in config.h?


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