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RE: Re: Compiling octave with MSVC

From: michael . goffioul
Subject: RE: Re: Compiling octave with MSVC
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 15:34:52 +0200

It depends what you mean by "fully functional". It gives you a functional version
of Octave running on Win32. Some things will not work because they rely on
UNIX-only stuff, with no 1-to-1 equivalent. For instance, "audio/record.m" relies
on "dd" utility: this cannot work as-is under Windows, but I guess this is the same
for MinGW, isn't it?

Hi, Does this give you a fully functional version of octave running on address@hidden skrev:> Hi,> > For my personal usage, I ported octave to MSVC compiler (version 14, aka> VS2005), which is freely available. I did this work on the 2.9.8 > release. Most> of the work involved providing a build framework (Makefile's and > config.h) and> exporting the required functions (+ some small changes to cope with MSVC).> Is there any interest in such port? If yes, I could try to provide a > decent patch> (quite huge, due to the many required __declspec(dllexport) declarations),> otherwise, I'll keep this locally.> > Note: I tried first with the version 12 of the compiler (aka VS98), but > this compiler> has too many limitations with templates and preprocessor handling to be > able to> use it.> > Regards,> Michael.>

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