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RE: Re: Compiling octave with MSVC

From: michael . goffioul
Subject: RE: Re: Compiling octave with MSVC
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 15:43:56 +0200

Of course, some things will not work. That's somehow "normal" as Windows is not
a UNIX platform and some things in Octave are designed for UNIX-only platforms.
The reasons for using MSVC instead of MinGW can be:
- integrating 3rd-party code compiled with MSVC
- providing access to all Win32 technologies that MinGW does not support; .NET, for instance.


On 10-Oct-2006, Søren Hauberg wrote:| Does this give you a fully functional version of octave running on | Windows?That's a good question. Specifically, what happens for the systemfunction? I think you need at least a minimally functional Bourneshell environment to support the things like [status, output] = system(["cd " src " ;./configure --prefix=" desc.dir]);in pkg.m. There are other instances where Octave depends on externalcommands, at least in the following files (there may be more in OctaveForge): audio/playaudio.m audio/record.m audio/setaudio.m image/image.m miscellaneous/bug_report.m miscellaneous/unix.m miscellaneous/tar.m miscellaneous/untar.m miscellaneous/doc.m miscellaneous/mkoctfile.m miscellaneous/unzip.m miscellaneous/dos.m plot/print.mIn any case, MinGW can handle the compiling of Octave without needingto link to a compatibility library like Cygwin, so what is theadvantage of using MSVC, unless you need to link with some other C++code that was compiled with MSVC?jwe

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