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Re: GPU computing in Octave using OpenCL

From: Judd Storrs
Subject: Re: GPU computing in Octave using OpenCL
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 17:48:42 -0500

2011/3/4 Jordi GutiƩrrez Hermoso <address@hidden>
On 2 March 2011 23:38, Jaideep Singh , Bangalore <address@hidden> wrote:

> After going through some of the posts, I have not been able to
> conclude whether the Octave GPL licensing terms are compatible with
> OpenCL.

I thought there was an OpenCL implementation that was under a
permissive BSD-style license, but I can't find it anymore. OpenCL is
only a specification; it's specific implementation that are under this
or that license. I thought I had seen a free one, but perhaps I was
mistaken. Which one were you looking at?

IIRC, the discussion about OpenCL revolved around whether its API represents a true standard (i.e. on par with say BLAS). And assuming it does represent a standard, whether the existence of a fully functional free implementation of the standard is necessary before it can be used in octave. I don't think there was a consensus opinion on either of these questions.


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