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Re: Octave on Android

From: Corbin Champion
Subject: Re: Octave on Android
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 22:19:57 -0700

I am sorry didn't hit reply to all the first time.  


The money goes to me, not to the core GNU Octave development team.  

"Support free software on Android. Money provided will guarantee the continued development, maintenance and support for Octave for Android. It will also help in the development of other Android applications that will make your device into something amazing.  Unlocks all features and gets rid of nag screen."

If you wish to give money to the core team, their website has the ability to do so www.octave.org.  

Currently, it is just the ODE and financial toolboxes that require donation.  For those two packages, if you donate any amount, they start to work.  If you are unhappy with that, I am going to be adding a $1 choice soon (there is much more changing than that soon).

I have a pretty good understanding of the GNU Public License, the license which you are referring to.  That license allows charging for distribution.  The free-ness that is guaranteed by the GPL is not $$, but instead that the program can be modified freely and redistributed by users.

I hope this proves useful to you!


On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 12:25 PM, Thomas Treichl <address@hidden> wrote:
Dear Corbin,

  a few days ago I found Octave for Android on Google Play Store and I highly appreciate your port of Octave to that platform. The startup display of Octave always comes up with the question if I want to make a donation and that's where I ask myself: Is it the Core Octave Development team who receives the donation or is it you in person? Can you please clarify that?

  Next, Octave tells me that I can get more packages from Play Store. What I did, I installed Octave ODE Package which didn't work. *hmmm* I thought, ok, something's wrong. But then I found this little sentence at Play Store in the package description which tells me:

  "Currently, only functions if you have made a donation."

  Or in my own words I would say: I have to pay for it because I don't really have an option if I want to use them. Have you read the license of these codes?

Best regards


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