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Contributing to Windows (MXE) and Linux versions: cannot find the source

From: Rafael Monteiro
Subject: Contributing to Windows (MXE) and Linux versions: cannot find the sources on MXE
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 11:54:47 -0300


I read the contributing guidelines page and was reading octave's sources trying to figure out how things are connected and have a few ideas to implement, mainly on libgui. Did that on octave's source code and saw my changes on the Linux build (even submitted a small patch). Then I proceeded to clone and build mxe-octave to do the same on a Windows build, but I could not find the sources.

There are two folders here:

- ~/mxe-octave
- ~/octave

Both build fine. I feel dumb asking this: where are the sources for mxe-octave?

The folder ~/mxe-octave/src contains lots of .mk files, whereas ~/octave/libgui/src/ (for example) contains the GUI source files. I cannot find any of them on the mxe-octave subfolders. What I am missing? How can I have a mxe-octave folder where I can perform the cicle "change sources --> run make --> test -->", like I can do on the native octave build? I'm not used to mercurial, still have to learn.

Perhaps someone is already doing Windows/Linux development and can shed some light here. :)

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Rafael Monteiro

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