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Re: Octave Video Package

From: PrasannaKumar Muralidharan
Subject: Re: Octave Video Package
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 11:18:41 +0530

Hi Renat,

Somehow missed to copy octave mailing list, adding it.

On 11 September 2015 at 19:07, Насыров Ренат <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi PrasannaKumar,
> Really good idea! Nevertheless, inside that shell binary I should use
> "/usr/bin/grep.exe" instead of plain "grep", so when I run ./configure, I
> get the following:
> configure: line 419: which: command not found
> configure: line 2895: uname: command not found
> configure: line 476: tr: command not found
> configure: line 2903: uname: command not found
> configure: line 3001: sed: command not found
> ...
> And so on. How can I make bash.exe to execute utils from its bin directory?

Adding the folder to PATH enivronment variable will do.

I did try that out. Compiled and installed ffmpeg but still the
configure script could not locate ffmpeg. Please give it a try and see
what happens. Don't have any idea whether it will work for you.


> 11.09.2015, 15:25, "PrasannaKumar Muralidharan"
> <address@hidden>:
> Hi Renat,
>  I see that package "video" needs FFMpeg for Windows, so I have downloaded
>  the package for Windows from ffmpeg.org . Anyway, Octave still cannot find
>  it on my system. As you can see in pkg log I sent before, pkg tries to find
>  *.pc files which are surely cannot be found in Windows – all I have is a
>  bunch of FFMped DLLs. The question is: how can I make the package "video"
>  use these DLLs? Maybe you know where to find a tutorial about porting
> Octave
>  packages under Windows?
> Compile FFMpeg from source. Inside Octave installation folder there is
> bash shell binary (bash.exe). In that shell navigate to FFMpeg source
> code, run ./configure, make and make install. Once that is complete
> install the video package. In Ubuntu 14.04 video package did not
> compile. So please use a older version of FFMpeg (no idea which
> version of FFMpeg is required by the video package).
> Regards,
> PrasannaKumar
> --
> С уважением,
> Ренат Насыров

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