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arduino package testing

From: John Donoghue
Subject: arduino package testing
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 18:51:13 -0400
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Does anyone have some spare time and a arduino uno floating around that is able to verify the to be released version of the arduino package ?

It requires installing the arduino package from the release tracker:


In addition you will need have installed a version of the instrument control package, and the arduino ide

Prior to testing you will need install the octave/arduino firmware on the arduino board:

in octave:

> pkg load arduino

> arduinosetup(listArduinoLibraries('core'))

(press upload to compile and load the code)

Then run the tests:

> __run_test_suite__({'thefullpath/tothearduinopackage/arduino-0.4.0'}, {})


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