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Re: Display of strings by interpreter

From: Rik
Subject: Re: Display of strings by interpreter
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2019 10:33:57 -0700

On 10/23/2019 10:29 AM, John W. Eaton wrote:
> On 10/23/19 11:58 AM, Rik wrote:
>> Continuing with the theme of how results are displayed in Octave, should we
>> move to displaying char arrays and strings with enclosing single or double
>> quotes?  This is how Matlab behaves, and I think it may be useful to
>> understanding when there are trailing spaces or null characters.
>> Current behavior with Octave
>> octave:1> "Hello World"
>> ans = Hello World
>> Current behavior with Matlab
>> "Hello World"
>> ans = "Hello World"
>> 'Hello World    '
>> ans = 'Hello World     '
>> strtrim (ans)
>> ans = 'Hello World'
>> This feature has been requested at
>> https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/index.php?56973.
> Yes, this seems like a good thing to do.  Also the feature request in
> #56974.  I would even say that we could consider displaying the type if
> it is double.

Yes, it never made sense to me that Matlab would list the size and type for
all variables except double.  Be consistent, and tell the user when it is a

> Did you want to work on either of these?

I'll take a look at the string display issue.


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