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[Openexr-announce] OpenEXR 1.4.0 released

From: Drew Hess
Subject: [Openexr-announce] OpenEXR 1.4.0 released
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 14:13:46 -0700
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Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the release of OpenEXR 1.4.0.  This is the next
major production-ready release of OpenEXR and offers full
compatibility with our last production release, which was 1.2.2.  You
can download the source code here:

When I'm back from SIGGRAPH next week, I'll upload pre-compiled
versions for Windows (for both Visual Studio 2003 and 2005) and for OS
X 10.4.

This version obsoletes version 1.3.x, which was the beta test version
for 1.4.0.  If you have been using 1.3.x, please upgrade to 1.4.0.
Please do not ship applications with 1.3.x, it had a few significant
bugs that are fixed in 1.4.0.

The major new feature in OpenEXR 1.4.0 is support for multithreaded
reading and writing of files.  Developers, please see the developer
documentation for information on how to enable threading support in
your application.

Here's a full list of changes in 1.4.0:

    - Multithread support for reading and writing an OpenEXR
    - Support for Intel-based OS X systems.
    - Support for Visual Studio 2005.
    - When compiling against OpenEXR headers, there's no longer any
      need to define any PLATFORM_* or HAVE_* macros; OpenEXR now
      supplies an OpenEXRConfig.h header file which is included by
      the OpenEXR headers that need these special macros.  However,
      on Windows platforms, when using OpenEXR DLLs, you must still
      define the OPENEXR_DLL preprocessor directive in your project.
    - New documentation for multithread support, plus some
      updates and additions.
    - Bug fixes releated to better handling of incomplete/damaged 
    - Numerous bug fixes and cleanups to the autoconf-based
      build system.
    - Removed support for the following configurations that were
      previously supported.  Some of these configurations may happen
      to continue to function, but we can't help you if they don't,
      largely because we don't have any way to test OpenEXR on these
           - IRIX 
           - OSF1
           - SunOS
           - OS X versions prior to 10.3.
           - gcc on any platform prior to version 3.3

If you are using OpenEXR on one of the deprecated platforms listed
above, let me know *privately* (don't bug the list members), and we'll
see if we can work something out with you, if you're willing to do
some testing (at least).  Of course, previous versions of OpenEXR will
still work on these platforms, excepting any bugs that were fixed in


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