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Re: osip2 version check

From: Gavin Henry
Subject: Re: osip2 version check
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 17:21:56 +0000

> Entering 22 years... 🕰️

Wow!!! Where has that time gone!

> In fact, in those early days, I was convinced it was the third internet 
> "visible" revolution:
> 1/ mail for free
> 2/ web page for free
> 3/ VoIP to VoIP for free
> The fact that sip was designed with the same ASCII format than mail and http 
> was convincing for me.
> I'm not very happy to see that user-agent are still missing the required ICE 
> feature, and pre-configured with stun, that would have made a 100% working 
> sip international network.

I know. It's very weird that the same old NAT things are still there.

> Beyond that fact, sip is still a pretty good success! 👌


I'm actually getting Daniel on a show about running cURL for 25+ years
(https://daniel.haxx.se/). Will be interesting to hear similar things:


and this is just out that I did:

and this is a good one too if you have time:


> Thanks for your project: looks interesting!!! I will check it as soon as I 
> have free time! There is so much unwanted traffic on my antisip.com service...

I have 60k rows of numbers already! Just plumbing in the numbers
RESTful API resource, then doing a SIP proxy in another thread so you
can dip to check your own INVITEs.

Then on to the fun peer to peer replication bit. Scared and excited for that.

Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.

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