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Re: [Pan-devel] Another problem I need to add to my list: word-wrapping.

From: Heinrich Mueller
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] Another problem I need to add to my list: word-wrapping. (Re: My list of present problems with Pan.)
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 12:50:45 +0200
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Am 23.10.2011 05:01, schrieb Duncan:
Heinrich Müller posted on Sat, 22 Oct 2011 23:17:02 +0000 as excerpted:

Am Sat, 22 Oct 2011 22:41:40 +0000 schrieb SciFi:


I guess this would be #7 in my list, but the "priority" should be
raised somewhat, please.

A text article can be reformatted with the View->BodyPane->Wrap
function (or simply hit 'w' on the keyboard while viewing a text

The judgefudge repo is trying to make the text look nice this way,
but I see it is sometimes wrapping the text too "strongly".

Don't blame me, i didn't change anything in the wrapping code.
I'm not sure he's blaming you, simply mentioning that he's running your
repo and that it's not fixed there, so it's likely to be broken
everywhere, ATM.

FWIW, this has been quite frustrating to me, for years.  The same "table
needs wrapped one way, text a different way" issues REGULARLY occur with
the technical type posts I spend a lot of time reading and answering.

Consider, for example, a traceroute "table" posting, with explanatory
text before and after, or ascii-art diagrams illustrating some text or
other.  In either case, the tables and ascii-art may well be composed or
edited if necessary for posting, with the standard 72-80 char wrapping in
mind, and thus display perfectly "unwrapped".  But the text will commonly
extend "forever" if unwrapped, so one must wrap it to read it correctly,
but as pan's wrapping code works now, that wraps the tables and ascii-art
diagrams as well, turning them into a jumbled mess!
Please give me or one or two examples with message-ids so I see what you mean.

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