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[Pan-devel] patch: Remove quotes from user profile email address

From: Christopher Conforti
Subject: [Pan-devel] patch: Remove quotes from user profile email address
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2021 12:59:11 -0400

Hi all,
As I mentioned in a previous mail, I was having an issue submitting
articles using Pan, as my provider (XSusenet) was returning a 441 due to
an improperly formatted email address. This patch is my attempt to fix
the issue; it compiles, however I can't properly test it because I
don't yet have premium.

I've attached a patch, and also I've made the change available on my
repo in the 'fix-email-quotes' branch at [1]; if someone out there uses
the same provider and happens to have a premium subscription, would you
be kind enough to help me test it?

[1] git://

Christopher Conforti

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