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[Paparazzi-devel] Hi, some questions and some sugestions

From: Nuno Guedes
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Hi, some questions and some sugestions
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 10:59:48 +0100

First of all... Hi everyone!
I've been a follower of the project for many years now and I'm finally ready to get into the project.

I have some questions / suggestions (The suggestions I have, are pointed out using the latest Live CD, not the latest source code):

1 - Is there any complete system seller in the EU? (not interested in paying the import taxes)

2 - Just to confirm my idea, the minimal setup is?
- Airframe (with servos, motor, RX, ESC, batteries) 
- Board (Classic + GPS, Tiny, TWOG + GPS)
- IR sensors
- Modem
Ground Station
- PC
- Modem

3 - Can we have dots instead of line for the track line? 

4 - Plans for the tracking antenna? Can we get them?

5 - Cam footprint changeable? Where? Airframe setup?

6 - Multi languages software (French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, ...) for internationalization/ease to use by the user/user friendly.

7 - PFD should not show the real attitude of the UAV but the real bank angles, because the ground station is on the ground fixed. For that to be changed, the lines are the ones that should move, not the horizon (The horizon moves??? or the plane moves?).

8 - The survey block algorithm should be fixed just a little, in perfect conditions (mainly no wind) when the UAV turns, it goes directly to the survey box again, perfect in perfect conditions but not so perfect in the real world, because the cam footprint misses something.
There are 2 solutions: make the survey box a little bigger or add an exit straight route out of the box (1 or 2 seconds) and then return (probably it work ok, but what I can see in the simulator is that it misses a bit in the cam footprint). I don't know if this is also the solution for: when the UAV returns to the box, first it's out of the path, then the straight lines take a little to appear, and all for this makes the UAV not perform the best route possible.   

  9 - Other situation (survey block) is, that if the box is rectangular it should try to do the survey with long runs and not with many turns, like I saw in the simulation.


Nuno Guedes (Muralha)

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