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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Installing Paparazzi

From: Dan Miladinovich
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Installing Paparazzi
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 20:47:14 -0600


I tried downloading paparazzi-dev_3.2-10_i386.deb and I then got this message:

Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: ivy-c-dev.

After that i recalled the installation page on the paparazzi saying that i needed those ivy handlers. So i went to the Ivy website and downloaded this: ivy-c-dev_3.11.4_i386.deb.  It is a file that was under the listing of Debian 4.0 (Etch) Downloads.  Then when I install that I get another error:

Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: ivy-c.

Sooooo i download this ivy-c_3.11.4_i386.deb. Then i go back and reinstall the ivy-c-dev and then try the paparazzi-dev 3.2-10 again and I get this new error:

Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: ivy-ocaml.

At this point I go searching for an Ivy-ocaml file and i see theres one for the past distribution of Debian 3.1 (Sarge). I then stop and confess to the fact that im just clicking buttons like a mindless zombie and that im probably not getting anywhere.  Sometimes i tend to play the game where if i push enough combinations of buttons eventually you find the right one and it works.  I dont think that strategy will work with this.

Any suggestions?  I actually consider myself to be very new to Linux as well as the fact that this is my first time using Ubuntu. I do have another linux computer and at one point I did make a database using POSTGRES SQL on a debian system but everything i did was very localized so i never gained huge experience installing programs on linux and what not. 

Thanks for your help,


On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 8:07 PM, Dan Miladinovich <address@hidden> wrote:

I was trying to download paparazzi-dev package and the savannah link does not work.

 Where can i download paparazzi from?



On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 3:30 PM, Gareth Roberts <address@hidden> wrote:
Download VirtualBox from here:
Download Ubuntu from here:
Make sure you choose "Alternative Download Options" and select 8.04 LTS
(there are a few issues with 9.10 at the moment).
Install Ubuntu into VirtualBox
Then follow these instructions to install the latest SVN version of
Paparazzi into Ubuntu.
Make sure you get the paparazzi-dev package, and not the binaries (they
may be out of date).  Then follow the section "Install the Source Code".
That's the method I recommend to the braver of our 3rd years who are
using paparazzi and it usually works well.
Welcome to Paparazzi!

On Tue, 2009-12-29 at 15:21 -0600, Dan Miladinovich wrote:
> Hello,
> Im a student from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  We've put
> together a team of students that are interested in building a UAV
> using the Paparazzi system.  This is obviously our first time trying
> to get started and we're looking for some help. Ive downloaded and
> burnt this image file: paparazzix_3.2_RC1.iso to a disc and i tried
> booting from the CD and i get a Boot failure.  I currently do not have
> any systems running Debian and I had the idea that this .iso would
> have a version on it that can be used.  Please help steer me in the
> right direction so i can install Paparazzi and start familiarizing
> myself with the program.
> Thank you,
> Daniel S Miladinovich
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