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[Paparazzi-devel] basic and versatile flight plan questions

From: Tilman Baumann
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] basic and versatile flight plan questions
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 18:20:18 +0100
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First, I think I have a pretty nice improvement to the basic flight plan (versatile is the same here)

My issue has been that my actual Touchdown position in Land depends very much on the approach altitude. The flight plan calculates the baseleg circle but does nothing to lower the approach.

I tested this in the sim and it works quite nice.
The plane enters the baseleg circle, but instead of exiting the circle directly towards AF it circles down to a altitude of 20m. It will circle until 30m are achieved and then exit the circle towards AF. This way a landing can be initialized at any time from any hight. (If 20m is a good choice is up to you. I would not expect any higher structures around a landing site)

    <block name="land">
<call fun="nav_compute_baseleg(WP_AF, WP_TD, WP__BASELEG, nav_radius)"/> <circle radius="nav_radius" until="And(NavCircleCount() > 0.5, ground_alt + 30 > GetPosAlt())" wp="_BASELEG" alt="ground_alt + 20"/> <circle radius="nav_radius" until="And(NavQdrCloseTo(DegOfRad(baseleg_out_qdr)-(nav_radius/fabs(nav_radius))*10), 10 > fabs(estimator_z - WaypointAlt(WP__BASELEG)))" wp="_BASELEG"/>

The next thing is takeoff.
I have only tested it in versatile. It works in simulator, but in practice it climbs very little. I actually flew in a low tree when I launched in AUTO2. I don't quite understand how the climb is done in versatile. I suppose the only incentive to climb is the hight of the CLIMB waypoint. And it does not seem to climb very aggressive.

I have not tested AUTO2 launch with basic. But I can see that it has a very different approach to this. There a pitch is set. Which seems quite straight forward.
I wonder, why the different ways? And which is actually better?
I feel a bit apprehensive to toss my plane on the ground at full throttle again. :)


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