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[Paparazzi-devel] Fwd: Lisa/M bootloader.

From: Helge Walle
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Fwd: Lisa/M bootloader.
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 18:36:39 +0100


Today I wanted to install my Lisa/M v2.0, borrowed from my Quadshot Espresso, into a fixedwing setup. I made an airframe file for it, it is attached to this email.

I checked out v5.0 and built the firmware. On powering up Lisa/M, it went into bootloader mode as soon as I had connected both ends of the usb cable. The firmware was uploaded without problems. Everything worked fine after recycling power, and I got Telemetry. This is what happened every time I uploaded Quadshot firmware.

I wanted to use another radio file, so I changed that and built the firmware again. Now, when I connected the usb cable for the second time, Lisa wouldn’t enter bootloader mode. Nothing in dmesg indicated that any usb device was connected. Upload did not find any bootloader.

I rebuilt the code again, tried with another PC and another cable, checked that usb delivers voltage to Lisa, no success. Lisa won’t enter bootloader mode.

Could it be that the bootloader was overwritten? Everything worked perfectly first time when I had switched from the toytronics branch to v5.0

If I have to get a JTAG adapter to fix this, it seems I need the serial number of my Lisa/M. Where do I find that?

But I cannot understand what caused this...

Thanks for any help,


RUN 'make -C /home/helge/paparazzi -f AIRCRAFT=SKYWALKERHW_SPFUNIMU clean_ac '
make: Entering directory `/home/helge/paparazzi'
rm -fr /home/helge/paparazzi/var/SKYWALKERHW_SPFUNIMU
make: Leaving directory `/home/helge/paparazzi'

DONE 'make -C /home/helge/paparazzi -f AIRCRAFT=SKYWALKERHW_SPFUNIMU clean_ac'

RUN 'make -C /home/helge/paparazzi -f AIRCRAFT=SKYWALKERHW_SPFUNIMU ap.compile '

make: Entering directory `/home/helge/paparazzi'
Paparazzi version v5.0.2_stable-11-g4b6ac49
Current size:
/home/helge/paparazzi/var/SKYWALKERHW_SPFUNIMU/ap/ap.elf :
section size addr
.text 0x1dd74 0x8002000
.data 0x3760 0x20000000
.bss 0x1578 0x20003760
.debug_info 0x35db5 0x0
.debug_abbrev 0x93b4 0x0
.debug_line 0x1396e 0x0
.debug_str 0x8f31 0x0
.comment 0x3c 0x0
.ARM.attributes 0x31 0x0
.debug_loc 0x18b95 0x0
.debug_aranges 0x2148 0x0
.debug_ranges 0x4a70 0x0
.debug_frame 0x46a0 0x0
Total 0xa22ae

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/helge/paparazzi/sw/airborne'
make: Leaving directory `/home/helge/paparazzi'

DONE 'make -C /home/helge/paparazzi -f AIRCRAFT=SKYWALKERHW_SPFUNIMU ap.compile

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