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Re: bad example: GNU Parallel as dir processor

From: Thomas Sattler
Subject: Re: bad example: GNU Parallel as dir processor
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 21:59:22 +0100
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>> Maybe I missed the point, but isn't it a fact that -u produces
>> unreliable output (due to the racing condition) and so the dir
>> processing will eventually fail?
> Not at all. It is just the output to stdout that may be mixed up (with
> -u) or delayed (without -u). Everything else works as expected.

Argh, there it is, my mistake: The 'echo' _is_ the dir processor,
I somehow thought it would _feed_ the dir processor. And now it
is not the dir processors INPUT that might be unreliable, it's
its OUTPUT. And hopefully noone cares about that.

Thanks a lot Ole! I've been kind of blind.


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