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Re: issues with --load

From: Thomas Sattler
Subject: Re: issues with --load
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 21:49:19 +0100
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>> The idea behind "--load" is great, but I think it's not working that
>> good. I'd vote for a mechanism of delayed job-starts when "--load"
>> is in use.
> I can see a delay mechanism can be useful elsewhere, but it is not
> that hard for you to do yourself:

That was not what I wanted. Yes, an experienced user can easily create
a script that does this, but my intension is something quite different:

GNU parallel does a great job in putting high load on a system. And
my question was: Shouldn't we take more care that not-so-experienced
users do not overload their machines by accident.

(Also see my to-be-written mail about "transfer" and NFS, and how
I hit my cluster in a way that I needed to hard-reset the compute
nodes to bring the head node back to life. :-))


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