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Input pattern

From: Ali Roustaei
Subject: Input pattern
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 08:37:18 -0700


My script (say myscript) has three input parameters H, Re and Bn. Re and Bn are tied so that for each Re input there is only a specific Bn.

I want parallel to run all combinations of H with Bn,Re and not generate combinations between Re and Bn. In terms of gnu parallel I want -xapply for Re, Bn and usual combination for H with them.

For example the below shows what I would like parallel to run. Imagine the inputs:

H inputs: A B
Re inputs: C D E
Bn inputs: F G H
(So  C corresponds to F, D to G and E to H)

myscript A C F
myscript A D G
myscript A E H

myscript B C F
myscript B D G
myscript B E H

Thank you very much

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