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Re: starting to use gnu parallel

From: Joe Sapp
Subject: Re: starting to use gnu parallel
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2017 10:40:30 -0500

Hi Martin,

Each item between the ":::" will be parallelized, so you might start by doing something like:

> parallel --dry-run sec ::: "--conf=/etc/sec/sec.conf" "--conf=/etc/sec/sec2.conf" ::: ...

Or even:

> parallel --dry-run "sec --notail --input=- --debug=6 --conf=/etc/sec/{}.conf --log=/var/log/{}.conf" ::: sec sec2

I'm not sure these commands will work, but maybe it's a start.  "--dry-run" is great to use when first starting out with a new command.


On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 10:19 AM, Martin Etcheverry <> wrote:

I am pretty noob with gnu parallel, maybe someone can give me a hint.            

i have this script:

exec sec --conf=/etc/sec/sec.conf --notail --input=- --log=/var/log/sec.log --debug=6
exec sec --conf=/etc/sec/sec2.conf --notail --input=- --log=/var/log/sec2.log --debug=6

to run the two lines in parallel i supouse that will be like that?:
parallel  sec ::: --conf=/etc/sec/sec.conf --notail --input=- --log=/var/log/sec.log --debug=6 :::  --conf=/etc/sec/sec2.conf --notail --input=- --log=/var/log/sec2.log --debug=6

any hint will be very apreciated

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