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tmux and

From: Mathias Korber
Subject: tmux and
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 07:33:42 +0800
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The tutorial says:

> A terminal for every job
> Using --tmux GNU parallel can start a terminal for every job run:
>   seq 10 20 | parallel --tmux 'echo start {}; sleep {}; echo done {}'
> This will tell you to run something similar to:
>   tmux -S /tmp/tmsrPrO0 attach
> Using normal tmux keystrokes (CTRL-b n or CTRL-b p) you can cycle between 
> windows of the running jobs. When a job is finished it will pause for 10 
> seconds before closing the window.
Is there a way to a) change that 10 second reap time ad
b) make parallel keep a pane (and the tmux session) for any
command that returns != 0?


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