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[platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-3.1.46-504af

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-3.1.46-504af
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2018 10:29:14 -0800

I'd like to release grep-3.2 within a week or so, so here's
a snapshot of the latest. Please try to build it and run its
tests on as many systems as you can, and let us know how it goes.

Special thanks to Paul Eggert for so much help and to Norihiro Tanaka
for the impressive dfa.c improvements.

grep snapshot:      1.4 MB

** Changes in behavior

  The --files-without-match (-L) option now causes grep to succeed
  when a file is listed, instead of when a line is selected.  This
  resembles what git-grep does.

** Bug fixes

  The --recursive (-r) option no longer fails on MS-Windows.
  [bug introduced in grep 2.11]

** Improvements

  An over-30x performance improvement when many 'or'd expressions
  share a common prefix, thanks to improvements in gnulib's dfa.c,
  by Norihiro Tanaka.  See gnulib commits v0.1-2110-ge648401be,
  v0.1-2111-g4299106ce, v0.1-2117-g617a60974

  An additional 3-23% speed-up when searching large files, via
  increased initial buffer size.

  grep now diagnoses stack overflow.  Before grep-2.6, the included
  regexp code would detect it.  Since 2.6, grep defaulted to using
  glibc's regexp, which lost that capability.

Changes in grep since v3.1:

Barret Rhoden (1):
      maint: fix cross-compiling problem

Bernhard Voelker (1):
      doc: document the option delimiter '--'

Jim Meyering (17):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      maint: avoid newly-introduced syntax-check failure
      grep: diagnose stack overflow rather than segfaulting
      build: suppress sig-handler.h's -Wcast-function-type warning
      build: link with -lsigsegv, when c-stack module requires it
      maint: update gnulib and copyright dates for 2018
      doc: clarify that PCRE support is here to stay
      maint: avoid new syntax-check failure
      build: update gnulib to latest
      maint: fix new syntax-check (sc_long_lines) failure
      grep: triple initial buffer size: 32k->96k
      doc: NEWS: mention performance improvements
      build: update gnulib to latest; also update bootstrap and
      tests: reduce the sole failing test
      tests: stack-overflow: avoid false failure
      build: make the autoconf-2.63 requirement explicit
      build: update gnulib to latest

Paul Eggert (26):
      doc: define Dt string in man page
      doc: distinguish -w from \<...\>
      tests: add Bug#27838 test case
      doc: improve -o help
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      grep: -L exits with status 0 if a file is selected
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      Pacify GCC 5.4
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      grep: omit a dup 'const'
      grep: port better to Adélie GNU/Linux 64-bit ppc
      maint: fix typo
      doc: port better to mandoc
      doc: mention encoding errors
      doc: man-page format fixes
      maint: update URLs
      doc: fix font typo
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      doc: “pattern” vs “patterns”
      tests: backref-alt works with glibc 2.28
      tests: fix comment
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      maint: fix build failure
      maint: update bootstrap
      grep: fix usage 80-column glitch
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest

Stephan T. Lavavej (1):
      grep: fix directory recursion on MS-Windows

Changes in gnulib since v3.1:

* gnulib 9ae75d1...95cd86d (852):
  > dfa: avoid new warnings from gcc
  > mkdir-p: improve diagnostic for FUSE mounts
  > hash-map: Add tests.
  > linkedhash-map: Add tests.
  > array-map: Add tests.
  > xmap: New module.
  > hash-map: New module.
  > linkedhash-map: New module.
  > array-map: New module.
  > map: New module.
  > select tests: Avoid test failure on Cygwin.
  > localtime-buffer: Avoid endless recursion in localtime and gmtime.
  > localeconv tests: Avoid test failure on Cygwin.
  > omap: Don't dispose the old value when the function returns it.
  > array-omap, avltree-omap, rbtree-omap: Tweak style.
  > rbtree-omap: Add tests.
  > avltree-omap: Add tests.
  > array-omap: Add tests.
  > xomap: New module.
  > rbtree-omap: New module.
  > avltree-omap: New module.
  > array-omap: New module.
  > omap: New module.
  > hash-set, linkedhash-set: Reduce code duplication.
  > array-set: Optimize.
  > times: Fix tests.
  > array-set, linkedhash-set, hash-set: Fix tests.
  > Fix comments.
  > hash-set: Add tests.
  > linkedhash-set: Add tests.
  > array-set: Add tests.
  > xset: New module.
  > hash-set: New module.
  > linkedhash-set: New module.
  > array-set: New module.
  > set: New module.
  > bison: don't force the Yacc mode
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > gnupload: Document short options.
  > gnupload: Support option -h as alias of --help.
  > memrchr: port better to clang
  > docs: mention printf %m considerations
  > autoupdate
  > bitset: rename ebitset/expandable.* as tbitset/table.*
  > bitset: check the operations
  > bitset: properly use false/true instead of 0/1 for Booleans
  > bitset: rename BITSET_VARRAY as BITSET_VECTOR
  > strerror_r-posix: memmove, not memcpy
  > autoupdate
  > bitsetv: new module
  > bitset: add tests and doc
  > bitset: new module
  > localename: Fix gettext test failures on mingw.
  > no more sync of gettext source files
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > mktime: add libc-config dependency
  > autoupdate
  > longlong: fix comment typo
  > havelib: Remove the need to include asm-underscore.m4.
  > parse-datetime: simplify test for mktime failure
  > posixtm: simplify test for mktime failure
  > nstrftime: simplify test for mktime failure
  > gnulib-common.m4: port _Noreturn to C++
  > gnu-make: Fix for NetBSD 8 'make'.
  > maintainer-makefile: fix syntax-check rule for "same.h"
  > dfa: Simplify a building state
  > dfa: reorder tokens before execution
  > dfa: a state has a set of current positions.
  > dfa: simplify dfa optimization
  > dfa: position set sorts increasing order
  > dfa: remove unneeded code
  > autoupdate
  > havelib: fix nested ‘configure’ chatter
  > backupfile: tweak for better code
  > autoupdate
  > backupfile: new dir_fd args
  > localename: Simplify support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > Mention changed minimum requirements for Automake and Autoconf.
  > std-gnu11: Support Autoconf versions < 2.64.
  > Assume Autoconf >= 2.63.
  > Assume Automake >= 1.11.
  > localename: Fix typo in comment.
  > Fix failure of 'gnulib-tool --create-testdir' with all modules.
  > locale: Ease integration with GNU libintl.
  > localename: Fine-tune support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > localename: Fine-tune support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > Small update from gettext.
  > autoupdate
  > mountlist: Remove support for Cray with UNICOS 9.
  > fsusage, mountlist, getloadavg, getgroups: Remove support for Ultrix.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for ConvexOS.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Sony NEWS.
  > fsusage, mountlist, getloadavg: Remove support for Dynix/ptx.
  > fsusage: Remove support for AIX 3.
  > fsusage, stat-size, getloadavg: Remove support for AIX PS/2.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for HP-UX on m68k.
  > fsusage, mountlist: Remove support for DolphinOS (an SVR3 variant).
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Alliant FX/2800.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for tek4300.
  > getloadavg: Remove support for Ardent.
  > mountlist: Remove support for SVR2.
  > autoupdate
  > assure: Fix comment.
  > libc-config: merge from glibc
  > regex: depend on libc-config
  > autoupdate
  > localename: Add support for per-thread locales on Solaris 11.4.
  > timevar: use gethrxtime to get wall clock time
  > wcsnrtombs: Work around Solaris 11.4 bug.
  > mbsnrtowcs: Work around Solaris 11.4 bug.
  > doc: Update for Solaris 11.4.
  > floor, ceil, trunc, truncf, truncl: Defeat GCC optimizations.
  > bootstrap: fix wget command for po files.
  > timevar: improve the output format
  > timevar: expect that getrusage is available
  > mountlist: Improve support for Solaris in 64-bit mode.
  > mountlist: Add support for Minix.
  > Make better use of Autoconf.
  > mountlist: Modernize platform lists.
  > getprogname: Add support for 32-bit programs on HP-UX.
  > getprogname: Work around program name truncation when possible.
  > fts: cleanup after FTS_NOATIME removal
  > fts: remove FTS_NOATIME
  > csharpcomp*, csharpexec*: Remove support for pnet.
  > autoupdate
  > renameatu: prefer renameat2 to syscall
  > bootstrap, gnulib-tool: use https instead of insecure rsync
  > Add ChangeLog entry for last commit.
  > bootstrap, gnulib-tool: correct the translations wget command
  > doc: the gnulib snapshots are not maintained
  > timevar: add to lib_SOURCES
  > dirent: Update documentation.
  > strpbrk: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > strcspn: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > raise: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > memcmp: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > explicit_bzero: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > mkdir-p: Depend on 'mkdir'.
  > tempname: Depend on 'mkdir'.
  > timevar: rely on gnulib modules for time portability.
  > sh-filename: New module.
  > fcntl: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol, part 2.
  > spawn-pipe tests: Avoid test failure on native Windows.
  > fcntl: Make it possible to namespace the defined symbol.
  > vasnprintf tests: Avoid test failure on HP-UX/hppa and IRIX.
  > vasnprintf tests: Avoid test failure on Cygwin.
  > mkostemp, mkostemps: Update documentation.
  > mkostemp, mkostemps: Fix compilation error in C++ mode on Mac OS X.
  > hmac-*: refactor to remove repetitive code
  > hmac-sha512: fix hash for keys > blocksize (128 bytes)
  > vasnprintf: Avoid warnings from GCC's -Wsign-compare.
  > grantpt: Remove unnecessary dependency.
  > timevar: Small tweaks.
  > timevar: Include documentation in gnulib manual.
  > timevar: import from Bison.
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Add preliminary support for Java 12..17.
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Add support for Java 11.
  > vasnprintf: Fix heap memory overrun bug.
  > autoupdate
  > maint: mktime.c now shared with glibc
  > mktime: fix _LIBC typo
  > dfa: optimization for state merge
  > dfa: trivial comment fix: s/is/if/
  > dfa: use more-informative function name
  > dfa: tweak allocation performance
  > dfa: prune states as we go
  > dfa: reorder enum for efficiency
  > dfa: optimize alternation in NFA
  > dfa: simplify initial state
  > file-has-acl: Fix test failure on Cygwin 2.9.
  > stat-time tests: Fix test failure on Cygwin.
  > doc: fix typo
  > doc: OS X 10.11 lacked ns time functions
  > gettime: nanotime never existed
  > doc: Update statement about target platforms.
  > posix_spawn tests: Fix link error on 64-bit Cygwin.
  > timespec: new function current_timespec
  > setlocale: Improve locale handling on macOS 10.12 or newer.
  > Update list of locale names with scripts on macOS.
  > gettext: Use newer macOS APIs when possible.
  > gettext: Use newer macOS APIs when possible.
  > localename: Revisit macOS specific code.
  > setlocale: Improve support for locales not supported by libc.
  > strstr, strcasestr: Add workaround against glibc-2.28 bug.
  > doc: Fix bottom of top-level page.
  > Add test case from a recent glibc bug.
  > Apply Eric Blake's improvements from 2011-02-25 to more tests.
  > Apply Jim Meyering's fix from 2015-01-11 to more tests.
  > xstrtol: actually copy the intprops.h line
  > xstrtol: fix missing-TYPE_SIGNED typo
  > timespec: fix resolution confusion
  > mktime: simplify in prep for glibc merge
  > intprops: minor clarification of code
  > Fix a comment.
  > posix_spawn_file_actions_addchdir: Add tests.
  > posix_spawn_file_actions_addchdir: New module.
  > Fix typo in comment in yesterday's commit.
  > stddef: Override max_align_t on NetBSD 8.0/x86.
  > fcntl: Fix F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC behaviour on Haiku.
  > count-trailing-zeros tests: Rely on limits-h module.
  > count-leading-zeros tests: Rely on limits-h module.
  > count-one-bits tests: Rely on limits-h module.
  > xstrtoll: Rely on limits-h module.
  > strtoll, strtoull: Rely on limits-h module.
  > intprops tests: Fix compilation error with pre-C99 compiler.
  > limits-h: Provide numerical limits macros.
  > fcntl: Don't access nonexistent optional argument.
  > doc: mention environ pitfall
  > gnulib-tool: Fix build order when $testsbase is a subdir of $sourcebase.
  > mktime: fix unlikely race+overflow bug
  > mktime, timegm: simplify glibc time64_t
  > mktime, timegm: simplify merge to glibc
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > intprops: avoid evaluation of some expressions
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > getcwd: Add cross-compilation guesses.
  > ; autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > glob-h: Formalize side effects from other modules.
  > fnmatch-h: Formalize side effects from other modules.
  > limits-h: Formalize side effects from other modules.
  > getpass: Move declaration to <unistd.h>.
  > glob: Fix over-optimization due to attribute __nonnull__.
  > glob: Fix another compilation error when glob.h is not replaced.
  > fnmatch: Avoid conflicting macro definitions of 'fnmatch'.
  > Avoid -Wcast-function-type warnings from casts after GetProcAddress.
  > glob: Fix another compilation error when glob.h is not replaced.
  > glob: Fix compilation error when glob.h is not replaced.
  > scratch_buffer: Add tests.
  > scratch_buffer: Fix include file.
  > glob-h: Revert Paul Eggert's revert.
  > glob-h: always build glob.h
  > autoupdate
  > monetary: Simplify m4 code.
  > fnmatch-gnu: Revert part of last commit (unneeded).
  > fnmatch, fnmatch-gnu: Fix compilation error on Mac OS X.
  > autoupdate
  > setlocale: Trivial simplification.
  > Fix ChangeLog typo.
  > verify: port 'assume' to traditional tools
  > fnmatch: Fix compilation error in C++ namespace mode on Mac OS X.
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > glob-h: Add tests.
  > glob-h: New module.
  > Force generation of substitute .h file when C++ support is enabled.
  > fnmatch-h: Fix test compilation error on mingw (regression from today).
  > sys_resource: Relicense under LGPLv2+.
  > fnmatch-h: Add tests.
  > fnmatch-h: New module.
  > Enable more C++ tests.
  > getopt-posix, utime-h: Ensure the .h file gets regenerated when needed.
  > utime-h: Generate header file when module 'posixcheck' is in use.
  > monetary: Generate header file when module 'posixcheck' is in use.
  > iconv-h: Generate header file when module 'posixcheck' is in use.
  > Optimize the "checking whether ... is declared without a macro" checks.
  > iconv-h: Enable 'posixcheck' warnings.
  > Fix link error regarding 'rpl_environ' (regression from 2012-11-21).
  > New module 'posixcheck'.
  > autoupdate
  > dfa: fix memory leak
  > ieee754-h: new module
  > autoupdate
  > iswcntrl: Mention minor problem on macOS.
  > bootstrap, gnulib-tool: fix translations rsync
  > bootstrap, gnulib-tool: fix translations rsync
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: reinstate definition fo gnulib_mk.
  > doc: For module names, use texinfo markup @code{} or @samp{}.
  > doc: Avoid some overfull lines in the TeX output.
  > autoupdate
  > hard-locale: simplify by removing hard-locale.m4
  > gnulib-tool: limit line length for git send-email
  > ffs: Ensure declaration on mingw.
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > regex-tests: add dependency
  > autoupdate
  > renameatu: fix ChangeLog typo
  > mkancesdirs: Add extern "C" to header
  > ; autoupdate
  > regex: now in sync with glibc
  > renameatu: rename from renameat2
  > gnulib-tool: minor tweaks for --gnu-make
  > regex: work around conditional-dependencies glitch
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > wchar: fix bug when checking for ‘inline’
  > getloadavg: don't redefine WINDOWS32
  > bootstrap: s/--option val/--option=val/
  > manywarnings: omit -Wswitch-default
  > regex: revert most trimming
  > regex: trim module dependencies
  > regex: glibc does not use intprops.h
  > import mktemp
  > regex: port to recently proposed glibc regex merge
  > build-aux/config.sub
  > threadlib: Fix LIBMULTITHREAD on platforms where --as-needed is enabled.
  > Continue to use spaces for indentation, not tabs.
  > manywarnings: Don't enable -Wjump-misses-init warnings by default.
  > acl-internal.h: remove _GL_ATTRIBUTE_CONST on void function
  > parse-datetime: accommodate gcc-4.8.5
  > af_alg: Fail in continuable manner on Linux/powerpc64le.
  > af_alg: Fix state of stream after sendfile() succeeds.
  > canon-host: take GCC9's advice rather than ignoring warning
  > parse-datetime.y: avoid spurious GCC 9 warning
  > canon-host.c: avoid spurious GCC 9 warning
  > manywarnings: accommodate GCC 9.0-pre: remove -Wchkp and -Wabi
  > af_alg tests: Add another test.
  > maint: clarify comments about sticky EOF
  > af_alg: Comment and style improvements.
  > Fix order of most recent ChangeLog entries.
  > af_alg: disable kernel hash functions by default
  > af_alg: avoid hangs when reading from streams
  > af_alg: fix error handling when hash not returned
  > libc-config: merge from glibc
  > mbrtowc, wcwidth: Fix MT-safety bug (regression from 2018-06-23).
  > wchar-single: Fix test failure in wcwidth tests.
  > crypto: mention --without-linux-crypto in --with-openssl --help
  > wchar-single: a new module to enable optimizations in wchar replacements
  > libc-config: Fix conflict with FreeBSD include files.
  > random_r: do not crash if state is unaligned
  > random_r: omit unnecessary include
  > random, random_r: merge from glibc
  > README-release: also run any check-very-expensive tests
  > typo
  > pthread_rwlock_rdlock: Add comments regarding glibc behaviour.
  > crypto: use byteswap
  > fix support for legacy --texi2html
  > gettext po infrastructure: Update from current gettext git.
  > getloadavg: Return 0 on Windows without Cygwin.
  > getloadavg: Allow building on Windows without Cygwin
  > Port crypto/af_alg to GCC 4.8.4
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: document source fetching in --help
  > bootstrap: allow non-submodule control of gnulib
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > crypto: omit stream ops Emacs doesn’t need
  > fts: avoid a memory leak edge case
  > wcwidth tests: Fix link error.
  > autoupdate
  > regex: Fix "error: possibly undefined macro: gl_GLIBC21".
  > localcharset: Optimize.
  > localcharset: Map the locale encodings found in newer OSes.
  > localcharset: Move mapping tables into the code.
  > localcharset: Add a manual test.
  > localcharset: Remove support for obsolete platforms.
  > gnupload: adjust comment
  > autoupdate
  > gnupload: Fix "gpg-agent is not available in this session" error.
  > crypto/af_alg: fix --help
  > autoupdate
  > nl_langinfo: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > truncate: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > pthread: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > posix_spawn: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > tsearch: Move from K&R C to ANSI C.
  > tsearch: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > imaxdiv: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > Support selective inclusion mechanism of recent header files.
  > Avoid compilation error due to 'mmap' on Android.
  > Add cross-compilation guesses for Linux systems without glibc.
  > getpagesize: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > tcgetsid: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > getpass: Fix configure test for Android.
  > ffs: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > mkfifo: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > c-strtod: Fix configure test for Android.
  > random: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > grantpt: Fix compilation error on Android.
  > stdioext: Fix compilation errors with newer Android headers.
  > doc: Add info about Android versions 2.0 to 8.1.
  > autoupdate
  > fseeko: On mingw, don't use the hidden function _fseeki64.
  > glob: Choose 'dirent_type' in a way that works better on mingw.
  > execute, spawn-pipe: Avoid warning about redefining 'close'.
  > nanosleep: Avoid test failure on mingw when it has nanosleep.
  > autoupdate
  > lock, cond, thread, tls: Use a different symbol as libpthread witness.
  > cond tests: Fix compilation error on Solaris.
  > doc: Add partial info about Android 4.3.
  > doc: More tweaks for Android 9.0.
  > doc: Add info about Android 9.0.
  > pthread: document Android limits
  > af_alg: fix my typo in afalg_buffer
  > af_alg: recover better from crypto failures
  > af_alg: distiguish I/O errors better
  > af_alg: avoid gotos
  > af_alg: don’t leak file descriptors into children
  > af_alg: coalesce socket creation
  > af_alg: fix file descriptor leak
  > af_alg: Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings on GCC 8
  > af_alg: Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings
  > autoupdate
  > af_alg: Add ability to use Linux kernel crypto API on data in memory.
  > af_alg: Avoid warnings.
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512} tests: Add benchmarks.
  > af_alg: Fix a resource leak.
  > af_alg: Fix bug with streams that are not at position 0.
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512} tests: Enhance test.
  > af_alg: Add configure option to enable/disable use of Linux crypto API.
  > Followup to 'af_alg: New module.'.
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512}: simplify
  > af_alg: Improve comments.
  > af_alg: Improve comments.
  > af_alg: New module.
  > Fix order of most recent ChangeLog entries.
  > crypto tests: pacify GCC
  > af_alg: minor style improvements
  > af_alg: Fix bug on empty files.
  > sys-limits.h: new file for crypto and safe I/O
  > af_alg: Improve function signature.
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512}: Fix compilation error (S_TYPEISTMO).
  > crypto/{md5,sha1,sha256,sha512}: Fix module description.
  > af_alg: Add documentation.
  > sha512: Add tests.
  > sha256: Add tests.
  > sha1 tests: Add test for sha1_stream.
  > md5 tests: Add test for md5_stream.
  > autoupdate
  > md5sum: use kernel crypto API
  > sha512sum: use kernel crypto API
  > sha256sum: use kernel crypto API
  > sha1sum: use AF_ALG when available
  > all: Replace more http URLs by https URLs.
  > maint: port more modules to GCC 8
  > Simplify code. Drop support for Borland C++ on Windows.
  > autoupdate
  > localename: Fix test failures on mingw.
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: Avoid gnulib operations if not needed
  > manywarnings: port to GCC 8.0
  > sys_socket: Make SO_REUSEPORT available across platforms.
  > autoupdate
  > localcharset: short-circuit the search for an alias on a Mac
  > autoupdate
  > fts: add comment
  > fts: fix bug in find across filesystems
  > Fix last ChangeLog entry.
  > unicase/u*-context: Fix link errors with libunistring <= 0.9.9.
  > execute: Update comment.
  > fts: treat CIFS like NFS
  > c-stack: Fix possible build failure on some platforms.
  > time_rz: fix workaround for Mac OS X 10.6 infloop
  > havelib: port to Solaris 10 /bin/sh
  > time_rz: work around Mac OS X 10.6 infloop
  > don't use diff directly: use's compare
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Add support for Java 10.
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Update comments.
  > javacomp-script, javacomp: Fix support for Java 7, 8, 9.
  > port to diff without -c
  > c-stack: port to recent GCC build
  > euidaccess: Port to native Windows.
  > javacomp: Add support for Java 7, 8, 9.
  > javacomp-script: Add support for Java 9.
  > Spelling fix
  > glob: Don't compile replacements on recent glibc systems.
  > glob: Fix link error on native Windows.
  > glob: Fix compilation error in C++ mode.
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Support for RISC-V CPU.
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > fflush: be more paranoid about libio.h change
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > maint: write-file-hooks -> before-save-hook
  > autoupdate
  > binary-io: pacify gcc -Wunused-parameter
  > fflush: adjust to glibc 2.28 libio.h removal
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > environ: fix link error on 32-bit Cygwin
  > autoupdate
  > mbrtowc tests: Fix regression on glibc.
  > autoupdate
  > striconveha, uniconv/*: Avoid test failures on musl libc.
  > localename: Add support for musl libc.
  > mbrtowc tests: Don't make assumptions about the charset the C locale.
  > ptsname_r: Don't expect that this function sets errno.
  > xmalloca: pacify gcc -Wbad-function-cast
  > nl_langinfo: pacify gcc -Wunused-function
  > same: pacify gcc -Wunused-variable
  > malloca: pacify gcc -Wbad-function-cast
  > autoupdate
  > utimecmp: new function utimecmpat
  > same: new function same_nameat
  > warnings: Add support for Objective C.
  > lock: Fix test-once1 crash on FreeBSD11.
  > lock: Add test of gl_once.
  > thread: Fix compilation error on IRIX.
  > nl_langinfo: Override the system's nl_langinfo() when needed.
  > signal-h, monetary, strings: Fix build failure in some cases.
  > exempt "/proc/filesystems" from "file system" syntax check
  > stdlib: Fix compilation error on OpenIndiana.
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Avoid use of 'grep -E' on OpenIndiana.
  > malloca: Add a compile-time verification.
  > malloca: Add an argument check.
  > localename: Add support for OpenIndiana.
  > malloca, xmalloca: Make multithread-safe.
  > environ: Fix link error on 64-bit Cygwin.
  > get-rusage-data: Add support for Minix 3.
  > vma-iter: Add support for Minix 3.
  > Fix malfunction of socket functions on HP-UX in 64-bit mode.
  > getsockname tests: More tests.
  > manywarnings: fix maintainer comment
  > autoupdate
  > langinfo: Fix last commit.
  > langinfo, nl_langinfo: Add support for alternative month names.
  > Merge strftime.c changes from glibc
  > Fix typo in comment.
  > doc: Mention another prerequisite for using Gnulib.
  > build: GuixSD doesn't have /bin/bash
  > Avoid test failures on Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  > canonicalize-lgpl: fix typo
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > filenamecat: make base a suffix of result
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > maint: Add encoding marker for Emacs to non-ASCII sources.
  > update-copyright: Handle use of ©
  > autoupdate
  > Fix -Wundef warning in user-included header lib/cdefs.h.
  > pthread_sigmask: Avoid compilation error on mingw.
  > test-framework-sh: ‘ps -ef’, not ‘ps ef’
  > stat-time: silence -Wunused-parameter regression
  > test-framework-sh: avoid netstat
  > autoupdate
  > update-copyright: add code to handle more special cases
  > autoupdate
  > version-etc: new year
  > maint: Run 'make update-copyright'
  > maint: fix 'make update-copyright'
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > chdir-safer: remove this module
  > Add cross-compilation results for GNU/Hurd.
  > gnulib-tool: Make --conditional-dependencies work better.
  > autoupdate
  > regex: use re_malloc etc. consistently
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > glob: Silence warning about void pointer arithmetic.
  > glob.c: Silence warning about void pointer arithmetic
  > spawn-pipe: Silence a clang warning.
  > explicit_bzero: port to macOS + Clang 9.0.0
  > doc: Improve explanation of supporting relocatable libraries.
  > doc: Use better texinfo tags in a few cases.
  > unistr/base: Update comment.
  > test-faccessat.c: avoid test failure if prior partial run
  > test-faccessat.c: unlink temp file to avoid subsequent test failure
  > doc: New section "Modifying the build rules of a Gnulib import directory".
  > doc: Tweak wording.
  > no-c++: Avoid "egrep: repetition-operator operand invalid" error.
  > all: Replace more http URLs by https URLs.
  > autoupdate
  > Port better to CentOS 5
  > stat: add missing module dependencies
  > stat: fix compilation failure on macOS Sierra
  > test-faccessat.c: correct BASE definition to avoid parallel test failure
  > autoupdate
  > unicase: fix VPATH build
  > Fix typo in comment, in my last commit.
  > libunistring: update to Unicode 9.0.0
  > strfmon_l: Fix compilation error with glibc 2.25.
  > autoupdate
  > posixtm: remove PDS_LEADING_YEAR
  > stat: fix doc wording typo
  > stat: work around Solaris bug with tv_nsec < 0
  > regex: merge from glibc
  > regex: merge from glibc
  > crypto/gc-sm3: Fix buffer overrun.
  > append, don't replace existing VCS ignore files
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > maint: shorten links
  > faccessat: Make the last change more robust.
  > faccessat: port to macOS (Bug#29231)
  > getprogname: Fix compilation error on IRIX.
  > year2038: Tweak last patch.
  > year2038: be more insistent about 64-bit time_t
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > havelib: fix typo in previous change
  > Don’t use AC_EGREP_CPP if affected by CFLAGS
  > fstatat: pacify GCC on unusual platform
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > timespec: prefer ‘assume’ to ‘assure’
  > Port recent gnulib-tool change to Dash
  > timespec.h: use "assure" to avoid a spurious warning
  > Avoid several test failures with traditional locales on Haiku.
  > strerror_r-posix: Fix behaviour and test failure on Haiku.
  > get-rusage-data: Avoid crash on Haiku.
  > get-rusage-as: Avoid crash on Haiku.
  > ilogbl: Ensure replacement on Haiku.
  > expl: Ensure replacement on Haiku.
  > math: Fix test failure on Haiku.
  > gnulib-tool: Avoid unnecessary remaking in testdirs.
  > gnulib-tool: Avoid unnecessary remaking in testdirs.
  > crypto/*: Verify that the header file is self-contained.
  > crypto/gc: fix build failure with -Werror=suggest-attribute=const
  > New module: crypto/gc-sm3
  > random, random_r: Mention different prototypes on Haiku.
  > posix_spawn: Avoid spurious message in configure output.
  > inet_ntop, inet_pton: Determine needed library correctly on Haiku.
  > ioctl: Override non-POSIX declaration on Haiku.
  > crypto/sm3: Add overview documentation to the .h file.
  > New module: crypto/sm3
  > gc-libgcrypt: fix undefined enum type in switch statement
  > gc-libgcrypt: fix assignment error due to -Werror=pointer-sign
  > havelib: Fix value of LD for 32-bit compilation on NetBSD/sparc64.
  > glob: fix another heap buffer overflow
  > quotearg: pacify compiler re unsigned
  > glob: fix heap buffer overflow
  > glob: pacify fuzzer for mempcpy
  > autoupdate
  > doc: Fix syntax error (regression from 2017-10-03).
  > doc: Update for Solaris 11.3.
  > all: Write "Solaris 11.0" instead of "Solaris 11 2011-11".
  > doc: Improve doc about ioctl.
  > wcwidth: Don't use obsolete syntax of 'test'.
  > getopt-posix: Fix build failure when using ac_cv_header_getopt_h=no.
  > vma-iter: Fix typo in last commit.
  > vma-iter: Fix typo in last commit.
  > vma-iter: Improve support for FreeBSD.
  > vma-iter: Fix truncated result on NetBSD (regression from 2017-10-07).
  > tests: fix 'invalid path dir' error
  > vma-iter: Fix truncated result on Linux (regression from 2017-09-26).
  > vma-iter: Improve support for GNU/Hurd.
  > test-framework-sh: Don't require bash on Windows and OS/2.
  > wcwidth: check a macro version of wcwidth () as well
  > getopt-posix: Clarify copyright header.
  > Fix warning "`gl_HOST_CPU_C_ABI' was expanded before it was required".
  > doc: warn about misuse of strncpy and wcsncpy.
  > fsuage: fix typo in previous change
  > fsusage: remove SVR2 support
  > Simplify autoupdate of licenses
  > autoupdate
  > vma-iter: Add support for GNU/Hurd.
  > vma-iter: Make it work on 32-bit Solaris with module 'largefile'.
  > havelib: Make it work for CC="gcc -m32" (regression from 2017-02-19).
  > uniname/uniname: Don't assume C99 compiler (regression from 2015-02-16).
  > string: code style
  > uniname/uniname-tests: Tighten code.
  > vma-iter: Improvements for Linux and BSD platforms.
  > vma-iter: Provide the protection flags on FreeBSD.
  > glob: remove bogus extern decl
  > uniname/uniname-tests: integer overflow fix
  > duplocale-tests: fix unlikely crash
  > maint: fix overflow checking in nap.h
  > sys_types: update URL
  > parse-datetime: fix dependency
  > parse-datetime, posixtm: avoid uninit access
  > vma-iter: Improvements for BSD platforms.
  > autoupdate
  > strfmon_l: New module.
  > monetary: New module.
  > duplocale tests: Fix test crash on Linux/x86.
  > autoupdate
  > mktime: port to OpenVMS
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > * build-aux/bootstrap: fix HTTPS typo in comment
  > m4/manywarnings.m4: fix comment typo: s/reqirs/requires/
  > manywarnings: port to GCC on 64-bit MS-Windows
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > all: Replace many more http URLs by https URLs. Update stale URLs.
  > autoupdate
  > all: prefer https: URLs
  > doc: Prefer https URLs where possible.
  > maintainer-makefile: FTP -> HTTPS
  > libc-config: Fix __GNUC_PREREQ macro.
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 14
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 13
  > Keep substitution order like in gnulib-tool.
  > Define and use two new global functions.
  > Remove unused function nlcount.
  > Fix subend function.
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 12
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 11
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 10
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 9
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 8
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 7
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 6
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 5
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 4
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 3
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 2
  > follow gnulib-tool changes, part 1
  > Fix typo in rsync invocation.
  > Fix typo in wget invocation.
  > Bump copyright years up to 2017.
  > Accept option --dir instead of --destdir.
  > gnulib-tool: Simplify commit from 2015-08-20.
  > * lib/fts.c: Fix XFS comments.
  > [pygnulib] autopep8 (fixing indentation, style, etc.)
  > fix exception handling
  > fix errors on building wget2; use UTF-8 in subprocess
  > [pygnulib] .gitignore
  > [pygnulib] initial merge (including some small bug fixes)
  > stddef: Avoid conflict with system-defined max_align_t.
  > libc-config: port to MSVC
  > glob: Use enum for __glob_pattern_type result
  > glob: fix for use in glibc
  > glob: fix bugs with long login names
  > dirent: Update doc.
  > glob: fix getpwnam_r errno typo
  > glob: fix typo in recent change
  > glob: don't save and restore errno unnecessarily
  > glob: don't assume getpwnam_r
  > scratch_buffer: don’t use private glibc API
  > glob: use scratch_buffer instead of extend_alloca
  > scratch_buffer: new module
  > libc-config: new module
  > glob: match dangling symlinks
  > glob, backupfile: inode 0 is a valid inode number
  > glob: simplify symlink detection
  > fts-tests: tag as a longrunning-test so not included by default
  > renameat2: fix compilation on alpine linux
  > glob: try to port recent changes to MS-Windows
  > warnings: fix compilation with old autoconf
  > * doc/gnulib-intro.texi: Add comment regarding IRIX.
  > autoupdate
  > glob: Fix compilation error on NetBSD 7.0 and OpenBSD 6.0.
  > glob: fix typo that broke platforms lacking d_ino
  > flexmember: fix typo in previous patch
  > glob: merge from glibc with Zanella glob changes
  > glob: port to clang's Undefined Sanitizer
  > ) -> } -> })
  > vc-list-files: port to Solaris 10
  > ) -> }
  > autoupdate
  > git-version-gen: port to Solaris 10
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Improve detection of MIPS ABI.
  > hypot tests: Fix test failure on FreeBSD 11.0/x86.
  > float: Fix LDBL_MIN value on FreeBSD/x86.
  > random: Fix test compilation failure on Cygwin 1.5.25.
  > stdnoreturn: Fix test compilation failure on Cygwin.
  > cloexec: spelling fixes in comments
  > thread: Fix conflict with pthread_sigmask module.
  > rename: port better to NetBSD
  > iconv_open, uni*: Add support for VPATH builds with OpenBSD 'make'.
  > nonblocking-socket tests: Fix failure on OpenBSD 6.0.
  > rename, renameat: Update doc regarding NetBSD.
  > renameat2: port better to macOS
  > futimens: don’t assume struct timespec layout
  > rename: document+test NetBSD rename
  > renameat: Ensure declaration in <stdio.h> on NetBSD.
  > duplocale: Work around NetBSD 7.0 bug.
  > duplocale tests: Verify use with *_l functions.
  > extensions: Enable NetBSD specific extensions.
  > open, openat: Update doc about O_CLOEXEC.
  > open: support O_CLOEXEC
  > * lib/reallocarray.c: Fix layout.
  > reallocarray: minor fixes
  > reallocarray: New module
  > dirent-safer: fix cloexec race
  > fts: fix cloexec races
  > fts tests: Fix link error.
  > fts: port recent changes to CentOS 6
  > autoupdate
  > tempname: do not depend on secure_getenv
  > extensions: add _OPENBSD_SOURCE
  > manywarnings: Add support for C++.
  > manywarnings: Add support for C++.
  > git-version-gen: another fix for tags with "-"
  > warnings, manywarnings: Add support for multiple languages, not just C.
  > git-version-gen: port better to older Git
  > git-version-gen: Fix for tags containing '-'
  > valgrind-tests: use ls, and cache
  > manywarnings: port to 64-bit GCC builds of Emacs
  > Relax the license of some modules with no runtime code.
  > renameat2: port to RHEL 7 + NFS
  > renameat2: port to non-renameat platforms
  > manywarnings: port to 32-bit GCC bug
  > backupfile: new function to validate backup suffix
  > canonicalize: fix EOVERFLOW commentary
  > Don't interpret EOVERFLOW to mean nonexistence
  > backup-rename: new module
  > renameat2: port better to older Solaris
  > fts-tests: port to gcc -Wwrite-strings
  > relocatable-lib{,-lgpl}: improve documentation
  > relocatable-lib{,-lgpl}: add Valgrind suppressions
  > relocatable: Make the license on the sources the GPL.
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Detect ILP32 ABI on IA-64 HP-UX.
  > faccessat: document AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW issue
  > renameat2: port to Solaris 10
  > renameat2: new module
  > vc-list-files: Adjust the script to support git worktrees
  > maint: bring up to date
  > fprintftime: fix build-break caused by recent renaming
  > regex: work with GCC7's -Werror=implicit-fallthrough=
  > fts: simplify fts_build
  > fts: three levels of leaf optimization
  > fts: cache dirent_inode_sort_may_be_useful too
  > fts: introduce MIN_DIR_NLINK
  > fts: nlink_t signedness fixups
  > fts-tests: new module
  > Rename module 'strftime' to 'nstrftime'.
  > Rename module 'strftime' to 'nstrftime'.
  > malloca: Silence a warning from clang's memory sanitizer.
  > autoupdate
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Fix detection of MIPS ABI.
  > explicit_bzero: new module
  > threadlib: Support static linking.
  > unicase/locale-language: Fix link dependencies.
  > sys_socket: Add support for OpenVMS.
  > sys_resource: Add support for OpenVMS.
  > math: Add support for OpenVMS.
  > getdtablesize: Add minimal support for OpenVMS.
  > Revisit cross-compilation guesses.
  > Improve cross-compilation guesses for native Windows.
  > Improve cross-compilation guesses for native Windows.
  > Improve cross-compilation guesses for native Windows.
  > More systematic m4 quoting and indentation.
  > round, roundf: Avoid compiler warning in configure test.
  > getlogin tests: Avoid #ifdefs when sharing code between modules.
  > getlogin: don’t assume one name per uid
  > glob: Fix more memory leaks.
  > Make sure $host and $host_os are defined when used.
  > *printf: Fix cross-compilation guess for Solaris.
  > vasnprintf: port to macOS 10.13
  > vasnprintf: port to macOS 10.13
  > imaxdiv tests: Fix logic.
  > uninorm/filter: Fix use-after-free bug.
  > glob: Fix more memory leaks.
  > parse-datetime: fix uninit var bug
  > doc: Update for MSVC 14.
  > sched: Fix build failure on native Windows (regression from 2017-06-19).
  > autoupdate
  > stdioext: Port to OpenVMS.
  > glob: Declare variables at the very start of their scope.
  > logbl: Work around a glibc bug on PowerPC64LE.
  > stat, fstat: Compile stat-w32.c only on platforms that need it.

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