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Re: 'make distclean' deletes too many files

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: 'make distclean' deletes too many files
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2021 12:10:04 +0100
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> Given a tarball, the sequence of commands
>   $ ./configure
>   $ make
>   $ make clean
>   $ make distclean
> should not leave any files around, and should not remove files that were in
> the tarball.
> In the current state, the following files are deleted although they shouldn't:
>   doc/pvm-insns.texi
>   jitter/bin/jitter-config.1
>   jitter/example-vms/jitterlisp/jitterlispvm-vm.h
>   jitter/example-vms/jitterlisp/jitterlispvm-vm1.c
>   jitter/example-vms/jitterlisp/jitterlispvm-vm2.c
>   jitter/example-vms/uninspired/uninspired-vm-main.c
>   jitter/example-vms/uninspired/uninspired-vm.h
>   jitter/example-vms/uninspired/uninspired-vm1.c
>   jitter/example-vms/uninspired/uninspired-vm2.c
>   jitter/jitterc/jitter.1
> Here's a patch to fix the first among these. I leave the rest to Luca.
> doc/pvm-insns.texi is in the tarball. Why? Not because it needs special tools
> to build ('egrep' is a bit unportable, but not _that_ much). But really 
> because
> if we omitted it from the tarball, the Makefile rules for poke.info and
> poke.text would attempt to recreate it even though poke.info and poke.text are
> in the tarball.

Makes sense.
OK for master.

Thanks! :)

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