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Re: test results for 32-bit platforms

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: test results for 32-bit platforms
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2021 23:59:56 +0100
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>> I was waiting for having all the tests passing in 32-bit hosts ;)
> Cool! So, here are test results for various 32-bit platforms (assuming
> the patches that I sent this week-end).
> Builds fine and runs fine on:
>   Linux/i386
>   Linux/arm
>   Linux/mips
>   Linux/powerpc
>   Linux/sparc
>   Linux/s390
>   Hurd 2019/i386
>   macOS 10.5/i386
>   FreeBSD 12/i386
>   NetBSD 8/i386
>   Solaris 10/i386
>   Solaris 10/sparc
>   Solaris 11/i386
>   Solaris OpenIndiana/i386

Ueh! :D

> Now the trouble:

Uoh :(

> 1) On Linux/arm (real hardware, not emulated) I once saw this test failure:
> Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to :/usr/arm-linux-gnueabihf/lib
> spawn [open ...]^M
> Foo {a=struct {a1=0x0UH,a2=0x0UH}}
> WARNING: program timed out.
> FAIL: poke.pkl/scons-int-struct-1.pk execution test
> Not reproducible, but still worrisome if some test just hangs.

Yes, it is indeed worrisome.  I wonder how can we hunt this.

> 2) Boehm GC not working on several platforms:
> OpenBSD 6.0/i386  GC test hangs
> Solaris 11/sparc  GC tests fail (both with cc and gcc)
> AIX/powerpc       GC has build failures
> Minix 3.3         GC (--disable-threads) not yet ported
> Haiku             GC test crashes

We really gotta get rid of the boehm GC.
Luca, how is yours doing? ;)

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