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help request

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: help request
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 17:19:31 +0300

Dear Proofreaders,

I am the author of the GLPK package, which is intended for solving
linear programming problems by means of the revised simplex method.
This package has been evaluated and now it is a GNU software.

I've prepared the user's guide for my package in English (37 pages).
However, English is not my native language, so I'd like to ask you to
help me making good English documentation.

There are two files: and glpk-1.0.pdf (I tried them both
under GNU/Linux using gv and xpdf). These files can be found on my page
<>. If it is neccessary, I also
could send these files via e-mail.

In order to avoid reading my documentation by all proofreaders, please,
take a deck of 32 playing cards, shuffle them, and pick out one card. If
it will be the queen of spades, please, read my documentation; if not,
please, do not read. (If you havn't got playing cards, please, pick any
uniformly distributed random integer from 1 to 32. The queen of spades
has the number 6.)

Thank you,

Andrew Makhorin <address@hidden>

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