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More proofreading needed for the Emacs manual

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: More proofreading needed for the Emacs manual
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 05:56:04 -0600 (MDT)

We have a new version of the Emacs manual available for proofreading,
in Texinfo format.  We need twice as much proofreading as we have;
some parts have not been read, and others have been checked by just
one person, which is not enough for reliable results.  If you have not
checked the Emacs manual yet, would you please help now?

The file is emacs-manual.tar.gz, it's on in

These parts have not been checked at all: 59-86, 205-231, 319-345,
446-461, 525-end:

  59-86:   Running Commands by Name, Help, The Mark and the Region,
           Killing and Moving Text

  205-231: International Character Set Support, Major Modes,

  319-345: Compiling and Testing Programs, Abbrevs, Sending Mail

  446-461: Customization

  525-end: GNU Manifesto, Glossary, Indices

These pages have been covered just once: 40-59, 146-172, 232-261,
345-406 410-445, 493-518:

  40-59:   Basic Editing Commands, The Minibuffer

  146-172: File Handling (from Version Control to the end of the chapter),
           Using Multiple Buffers, Multiple Windows

  232-261: Commands for Human Languages (from Paragraphs to the end)

  345-406: Reading Mail with Rmail, Dired, The Calendar and the Diary

  410-445: Miscellaneous Commands (from Shell Command History to the end)

  493-518: Command-Line Arguments, Antinews, MacOS

To be confident we have eliminated the errors, we should have each part
covered twice.

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